10 Fabric Scraps Projects To Easily Bust Your Stash

10 Fabric Scraps Projects To Easily Bust Your Stash

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Stop throwing out usable pieces of fabric after finishing a sewing project! The primary purpose of this article is to get you to realize that your leftover fabric after a sewing project can also be useful for other worthwhile projects, albeit smaller.

There are so many kinds of terrific things you can sew with your fabric scraps. When these little fabrics are saved, someday a special project will come along, and they will be useful for it.

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If you can’t find anything to do with them, this post is created to help you out. Ten ideas of some of the projects you can do with the scrap are highlighted below.

10 Amazing Craft Projects You Can Make With Fabric Scraps

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Patchwork Pillows Are An Ideal Use For Some Fabric Scraps

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Making your own patchwork pillows can save you a lot of money in the long run. Despite being easy to make, they are usually quite expensive. These kinds of pillows can be made entirely out of various scraps.

You can use Cath Kidston cotton duck fabric like Claire did, or any other heavy cotton fabric.

When you have multiple scraps of the same material, you can easily fuse them together to create your pillow. This style not only makes your pillow colourful but also shows how creative you are by sewing it with pretty trims.

Don’t forget to make your pillow fluffy and soft, for, in the end, it’s not only about the design but also the quality of the work. You can sew some expensive-looking patchwork pillows that match your ideal home décor perfectly!

Pincushions Are Great To Use Up Fabric Scraps

As you probably know, pincushions are incredibly easy to make. They are just small cushions used in sewing to hold pins. These pins are stuck with their heads upward so that they could easily be held and used. In essence, pincushions should have enough thick stuffing in them so that they can hold pins in place.

A pincushion with weak padding might not hold pins firmly if it even holds at all. So be sure to make your pincushions with adequate padding. You don’t want to start searching for your needles in a cushion-sack, do you?

Go ahead and use your favourite fabric embellishments to make any pincushion you so desire as your own. You’ll smile anytime you are busy sewing, and it catches your eyes.

Quilting Practice

Making a pincushion is such an excellent way to make good use of your fabric scraps and also be introduced to quilting methods at the same time. Everyone needs an adorable cushion to hold their pins!

Fabric Gift Bag Is A Great Way To Use Fabric Scraps

Another great idea for the use of your fabric scraps is to make a gift bag. Making this bag requires no stress whatsoever, and it gives you the chance to boost your creativity in this area.

When you use beautifully designed fabric scraps (like Lecien fabric), your work turns out absolutely beautiful.

So, instead of using fancy nylon wrappers to package those bottles of wine for gifts this Christmas, why not think a little bit outside the box and make your own gift wrap bag with those fabric scraps that are deemed “useless”?

Stuffed Animal From Leicen Fabric Scraps

The outer parts of stuffed animals are usually sewn with fabric. With your scrap fabric, you can make your own stuffed animal.

This type of toy was first made in Germany as far back as 1880. Stuffed animals can be knitted or done with some delightful crochet patterns , and simple stuffed animals can be sewn using cloths such as felt and fabric. You can decide to make any animal of your choice with your scrap fabric.

This is a very beautiful project you can easily make with that scrap you initially considered useless. You can personalize this particular project by labelling it with your brand or company name and later sell it on Etsy as part of your brand.

Doing this will promote brand recall, and people can easily identify you with the product.

Rag dolls, Russian crafts and authentic Souvenirs with their hands
Created By Annabelle (author of this post)

Rag Dolls Are The Easiest Use Of Your Fabric Scraps

These ragdolls are the oldest children’s toys in existence, and the demand for them is surprisingly high. One advantage of ragdolls is that there is no specific material to make them. Therefore, you can utilize an array of your scrap fabric that you would otherwise have thrown out in sewing them.

You can make them as simple or as complex as you like. Also, depending on your skill, they can easily be produced to simulate the features of the original home-made dolls; and you can adjust specific details of the dolls to be safe for the youngest babies.

You Need To Include:

Making such features may require the use of soft cloth bodies and, perhaps, patchwork clothing. Ragdolls are indeed fun to make; and with your scrap fabrics, you can create different designs for dolls.

Any kind of ragdoll, if done correctly, is perfect for children. When you make one there is no doubt that you will want to do something unique that resonates in your heart.

Fabric Book Covers Can Be Made From Gorgeous Fabric Scraps

This project is perfect for any sewing skill level, even if all you can sew is a straight line. Fabric book covers are now trending worldwide. Whether you have a notebook, novel, diary, or journal; a fabric book cover can protect them all in a fashionable, trendy manner.

You generally need only two kinds of fabric for this particular project; one type for the cover and the other for the lining, then you are good to go.

Measure the book you want to cover before you begin work. This ensures that you don’t make a cover that would be too large or too small for the book. If you wish to spruce up your bookshelf you can make covers for all the books you have on the shelf!

felt moneybox
Scrap Fabrics Moneybox By Annabelle

Money Box

With your scrap fabric, you can make your money box without stress. A Moneybox is a simple and quick project you can make within minutes.

Moneyboxes are more presentable than old-fashioned piggy banks. You can make your money box in whatever size and design you want it. You can virtually play around with your various fabric scraps and make your money box a colourful one.

Felt Heart Bookmark

Heart bookmarks are quick and easy to make, and they are also perfect little gifts you can give someone special to you. Making such bookmark with the shape of a heart passes a more profound message to the person you are gifting it to.

Decide how big you want the heart to be but make sure it’s not too big. Embellish the bookmark however you want with the various scrap fabric you have.

You can make both sides of the bookmark of different designs , depending on how you want it. Make it even more attractive by stitching a fancy button on it. The button detail will give it a more adorable edge. Doing that is entirely your choice; you may decide to stitch some embroidery you consider more beautiful, or appropriate as the case may be.


Any festive decoration made of fabric can be called a bunting. This project is another impressive stuff you can do with your fabric scraps. You can use as many designs as you want. In bunting, there is no limitation to the number of shapes you can use. It is relatively easy to do; indeed, it is one of the easiest scrap ideas.

For basic bunting, you have to do is to cut your fabric into an equilateral triangle shape, sew two together and attach either rope, string or a piece of cord in the space between. Just have in your mind where you will be hanging the bunting. Bunting can be draped into a swag or pleated into fan shapes, depending on the occasion.


Bangle Bracelet for Women

Fabric bracelets can be made of assorted styles and designs. However you make this bracelet, it will always come out looking great, especially if the materials used are colourful.

You can easily fix bangles (or whatever else you may consider more perfect) to a bracelet to make it more attractive.

Wouldn’t it give you a sense of joy when you tell people who admire the bracelet on your wrist that you made it yourself? They would immediately want you to make some for them. This way, you can easily commercialize your craft by making as many beautiful bracelets as possible and selling them out.

Are you trying to find some rather excellent patchwork project ideas to use up your scrap fabrics? This post was written for you! There are 10 awesome and easy crafts that you can make using basic quilting techniques. Whether you want to start learning how to quilt, or make your own patchwork quilt, you will benefit from this post. These are the types of beginner friendly patchwork patterns and craft ideas that you can access immediately! #patchwork #quilting
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Annabelle Carter Short is a freelance writer, blogger and seamstress of more than 5 years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family and friends or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle hopes to start an Etsy store soon. Annabelle is a mother and she loves making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11).

Are you trying to find some rather excellent patchwork project ideas to use up your scrap fabrics? This post was written for you! There are 10 awesome and easy crafts that you can make using basic quilting techniques. Whether you want to start learning how to quilt, or make your own patchwork quilt, you will benefit from this post. These are the types of beginner friendly patchwork patterns and craft ideas that you can access immediately! #patchwork #quilting

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