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10 free homeschool printables – The Handmade Home

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As you may know, we once upon a time, were homeschoolers. Right now, we are mainstreamers. {No, I never know what the opposite of that is, and any time I try to write about it, it sounds stupid, I know.} My point? That even though we’re not currently homeschooling, we still have a love for it, and the community. Every year in the world of parenting and children and all things education is different, and we do our best. 

So today, because we are so close to back to school, {hold me} we thought it would be fun to share some of our fave printables with you that are perfect for all your brave souls taking on the world of homeschooling! {Pssst…. these work for the mainstreamers, too. Woot woot!} So without further ado, 10 free homeschool printables!

1. Our free planner for 2020! {and 2019}

Get the 2020 version here + the 2019 version here!

We have student printables, different versions of lesson plans for teachers and home schoolers, grade trackers, daily views, weekly views, monthly views and more. We basically don’t know how you’d homeschool without it, and this barely scratches the surface of over 750+ files. We recommend starting with the 2020 version to pick what you need, and then getting the dated versions from 2019 to finish out this year before you hop on over to 2020 for the calendar pages there. Wheeee! All you need on this site! Winning.

You’ll love it! We promise. Money back guarantee. ;}

2. Free printable Map

Geography lessons and traveling during the year, just became a whole lot more fun with our artistic take. If you’re not taking vacations on the off seasons, are you even homeschooling? That was our favorite part… no crowds!

Get the larger version here! And if you put plexiglass over it or laminate, it’s perfect with a dry erase marker. If anything, hurray for fun decor in your homeschool room. Putting all those supplies together and getting everything ready, is definitely something we miss.

pssst… make the large version here!

3. Free Alphabet Printables

One of the free printables that started it all, our alphabet printables – perfect for just about anywhere.

They’re a bit of a stylish take on the usual.

4. Free Sewing Cards

Because this reminds us of our childhood. Alphabet sewing cards – still one of our faves!

They grow too fast – can you believe we have 8th, 6th and 4th graders this year?!

5. Map Puzzles

Speaking of maps… they make great decor and geography lessons, too. Get yours here!

6. Alphabet Bunting

Free alphabet and numbers bunting – for just about any occasion – with all. the. options.

7. School Work Incentives

Because we can all use a little positive reinforcement. Can they hand out stars for adults?

School work, or chore incentives – free download here

8. Ribbon Awards

{That they can put together themselves in any combo!}

Free ribbon awards. Because free ribbons. And awards. Major awards.

9. Free Organization Labels

All of our free clothing labels – for anyone who has the organization bug that we still can’t seem to conjure. We purged, but now we need to organize again because kids…

Toy label organization – so you can hopefully get some labels on all those categories before school is in session!

10. All Good Things Are Wild and Free

Okay fine. This one’s for you hard working parents who want to decorate that homeschool room.

All Good Things Are Wild and Free

Bonus: Our back to school signs for that obligatory photo shoot where they’re usually mad at you for taking them – if they’re old enough. ;} This became a joke in our pajamas a few years in a row… because YOU CAN.

As always, we’d love to see if you use these! Please let us know. Share with the hashtag #thehandmadehomefreebies on instagram!

Let us know if you have any questions and happy school year to all of you!

Have an inspired day

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