11 Easy Dog Crafts For Kids To Make

Whether you have a puppy at home or just kids who’d like to have one, dog crafts for kids are really popular as they’re so cute and they take inspiration from something kids are already interested in.

I’m a great believer that if you want kids to be excited about doing something creative then you need to go with a subject that they’re already interested in and pet crafts certainly tick the box for that!

There are loads of dog crafts ideas here with tutorials that toddlers and preschoolers will be able to enjoy while you’ll also find crafts that are that little bit more challenging too which are suitable for older children.

dog craft for kids

What You’ll Find on This Page

Dog Crafts for Kids

All the dog crafts for kids that I’m sharing today appear in the same order that they are in the image above, I’ve shared more craft ideas though than there are in the image so make sure that you have a good look through the list to find some new favourites!

Want to make sure that you have these ideas to hand when you need them? Be sure to bookmark this page or pin the image below so you have all this inspiration where you need it when you need it!

Dog Craft Ideas

Learning about letters? This D is for doghouse letter craft from Crystal and Comp would be perfect, I love the little door on it too!

Making puppets is great for kids as it’s a craft that they can play with afterwards. We made this paper bag puppy craft which are also a good excuse to practice using scissors as you cut out it’s floppy ears.

Using cardboard tubes and toilet paper rolls is always a popular idea for kids crafts because it’s a frugal way to be able to do something creative and when you have kids you’ll know that costs can really add up! These toilet paper roll dogs from Easy Peasy and Fun look super cute and I love that you could adapt them to make your favourite bread of pup or to look like your own dog.

This footprint puppy from Crafty Morning is just super cute for younger kids and would be a great keepsake to make with your child too, we love handprint and footprint crafts for this!

This dog activity from Nurturestore comes with a free printable so that you can make it easily at home or in a classroom. It’s a great one for opening up discussions around learning different shapes.

Follow the tutorial from Look We’re Learning to make this sweet coffee filter dog.

Our toilet paper roll dog craft has a Valentines theme but you could easily change using the black construction paper to drawing on spots with a black marker pen to make it into a normal dalmatian instead, or change the color of the paper to make different breeds of dog.

My daughter is currently obsessed with making paper springs so this spring dog from Mess For Less is one that we totally need to try out! With a little change to how you draw your dog I also think this would make a good slinky dog craft, perfect if you have a Toy Story fan at home.

All of us want to encourage our kids to read so why not make this dog corner bookmark from Red Ted Art together, it’s the perfect excuse to get them to open a book too!

Create this dog pencil holder from Easy Peasy and Fun and (hopefully!) it will encourage them to put their coloring pencils and markers away when they’ve finished with them.

paper plate’s are another kids craft materials that lots of us have at home so why not try out this cute paper plate dog from Craftulate.

More Pet Crafts for Kids

We’ve shared a few rabbit craft ideas and including these paper bunny ears which are perfect for kids to use for dressing up.peter rabbit crafts 300

Make this super easy cat craft, you could change the color of the paint to make different colored cats similar to any pets your child has at home.

Snakes are a bit more of an unusual pet but they’re definitely one that people do have! This paper plate snake craft is a good way to practice scissor skills too.

paper plate snake craft for kids

dog crafts for kids preschool


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