15 Comprehensive Calligraphy Practice Sheets To Go Pro!

15 Comprehensive Calligraphy Practice Sheets To Go Pro!

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Are you ready to master your calligraphy skills? You and me both! That’s precisely why I decided to create this post; packed FULL of calligraphy practice sheets. So you can master brush calligraphy or script calligraphy in 30 days. If you’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiring images and ideas to motivate you enough to actually practice, girl, I got you. IKR!? Please feel free to explore this list to find what you need. 

The calligraphy drills are particularly helpful when it comes time to learn a calligraphy alphabet or even hand lettering.

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Calligraphy Practice Sheets Video Notes:
1.Letter Style by Caro Lettering on Etsy
2.Practice Sheet Bundle by Peggy Dean
👉 Get two months free Skillshare & take her actual course
3. 5 WorkBook Bundle by Lovely Planner Co.
4.Calligraphy Kit By AngeliqueInk 
5. Modern Brush Calligraphy  by TwoEasels


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I’ve been using my calligraphy practice sheets every night to try and master pressure when I’m holding a brush pen. Practice makes progress. And I’m thrilled with my progress in brush pen lettering. Since I started learning modern styles, the basic strokes were always what I struggled with because of the pressure. Mastering the basics can only happen with plenty of lettering practice.


Letter Styles - Lettering Alphabets
By Caro Lettering on Etsy

This printable PDF comes with 8 pages of alphabets and practice words for small brush pens! As a hand lettering guide and workbook, it’s one of the most popular and highly reviewed guides that I’ve found.


I love Peggy Dean! I’ve taken a couple of her classes on Skillshare, and these calligraphy practice sheets for capital letters are simply fabulous.

This is an instant digital download pack of hand lettering practice sheets, featuring 10 different ways to draw 26 letters of the English alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase format so you are COMPLETELY covered.


Basic modern calligraphy practice
By The Inky Hand On Etsy

Not only are these practice pages, but they help you figure out which direction to perform the strokes from your brush pen. So it’s like a little mini guide!


Free Printable Brush Lettering Quotes

Last year we were fortunate to have Olivia from Random Olive create a set of free downloadable custom brush pen worksheets for you!

My favourite brand of marker to use are the Tombow Dual Tip pens but if you’re on a budget, these are a great alternative. Head over to download your free printable practice worksheets for tombow dual brush pens!


Brush Lettering Practice Guide
By Random Olive

This downloadable digital guide is divided into sections of PDF files so that you can easily identify which sections you’d like to print. Dedicating a small amount of time each day can help. This modern calligraphy practice guide gives you the space and structure for your practice sessions. And practice makes beautiful!


Hand lettering workbook kit - ships internationally

This hand-lettering bundle was made for beginners and experienced letterers alike! Whether you’re just starting out with modern calligraphy or brush pen lettering this kit is for you! Make your way through learning 5 different hand lettering styles that take you from basic fonts, all the way up to some more challenging and intricate fonts. Master this type of brush pen calligraphy/hand lettering in 30 days if you set aside practice time each day with your new supplies!


Hand Lettering workbook

What a beautiful workbook! The illustrations inside are adorable. The workbook includes all of the warm up exercises, basic calligraphy strokes, completed letterforms and access to the student only tutorial videos.


Hand Lettering Workbooks

With 190 Worksheets; including brush/script, for Procreate & print, modern calligraphy, and general iPad lettering. I’ve included this bundle in case you are interested in perfecting your other hand lettering skills at some stage. If you purchase a bundle, it means that you save money and have it when you’re ready. Bingo.


physical dip pen calligraphy kit
By Angi Phillips

So, this is basically a workshop in a mini kit. One that you can take on your own time! Created and curated by the calligrapher behind Angelique, Ink. Angi’s popular calligraphy beginners kit of supplies provides everything you will need to get started. If you aren’t able to attend a beginner workshop in person, this kit contains everything they use in the class. Not to mention that it also makes a beautiful and creative gift for someone looking to dip their toes into modern pointed pen calligraphy.

The best part is that you can upgrade if you want to be super fancy and add a removable flange for your dip pen.


Big lettering practice sheets

This bundle includes brush pen calligraphy practice sheets for three different size alphabets. The grid method, which is taught by most calligraphers, helps you focus on three things: Strokes, Size and Slant. These three things help make your letters more legible and giving them a polished look!


bounce alphabet practice sheets
By FriendLilyPress

Learn the art of modern lettering through these detailed work pages. This is a 146-page document and it has everything you need whether you are a beginner, or already an expert wanting to learn other styles. It’s to create a bouncy lower case alphabet to add a lil more pop to your lettering!


calligraphy practice sheets

This is a stunning script font that would look incredible at a wedding! If you must arrange your wedding on a budget and you want to learn calligraphy so that you can write your own invitations, this font would be simply perfect for them.


The Bounce Alphabet
By Two Easels

These traceable calligraphy worksheets are great for learning brush lettering, but also very relaxing. Each page is packed with letters for you to trace. So let your mind wander while you draw some pretty letters.


If you struggle with brush lettering (trust me, I can relate!) this class is for you. For the longest time I was struggling to deal with the pressure but video really helped. And practice, of course.


Updates - free brush calligraphy practice sheet

Updates + Free Brush Calligraphy Practice Sheets

This is another set of sheets for small brush pens like the Tombow Fudenosuke. Depending on how you like to practice calligraphy, may depend on the type of sheets that you decide to download. You can’t go wrong using tracing paper or a paper pad like this one. It’s perfect to use with markers. Some markers or ink don’t always work well on tracing paper.


How Do You Practice Calligraphy Writing?

Do you need to practice your calligraphy skills?
Write Down The Drills via Surely Simple (link no longer active on their end)

This post is INCREDIBLE. It is packed full of information, it’s all about brush pens, markers how each of them writes, basic strokes, tips to help you study the letter A and more! Hopefully practicing your alphabets will be much simpler, thanks to the handy little info image. Your hand lettering will no doubt improve.


How Do You Make Shadows On Letters?

How to hand letter A with shadow

You can easily add shadows by using a grey pen or marker. Imagine where the shadows will fall if a light was shone on your letter. Remember that the shadow will always fall on the opposite side of the letterform.


What kind of paper is used for calligraphy?

Any paper will work, it just depends on the pen. If you are using dual brush pens, then you can use marker paper, or a layout pad and strong quality bristol board. In the beginning, it’s a great idea to practice using a dip pen on tracing paper, printer paper works great too as well as bristol board.


One Last Word

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a huge fan of all styles of hand lettering. Hand lettering I have nailed down but using a brush is another story altogether. I’ve been practising a lot and I can see improvements already. Just keep practising your drills and track your progress.

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Brilliant calligraphy workbooks and printables

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