15+ Cute Needle Minders That Will Keep Your Needles in Place

15+ Cute Needle Minders That Will Keep Your Needles in Place

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Needle Minders

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One of the most help­ful embroi­dery sup­plies was some­thing I did­n’t know about until well after I start­ed stitch­ing. Nee­dle min­ders are sim­ple tools that do exact­ly what they say: they mind your nee­dle when you’re not stitch­ing or chang­ing thread. The mag­ne­tized designs are attached to your fab­ric and the nee­dle is drawn to it. Think of them like an enam­el pin (many times they dou­ble as one).

These sim­ple and inex­pen­sive tools are easy to find on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites; pick up one or a few to put them on all of your cur­rent projects. (Hav­ing one for 1 Year of Stitch­es will cer­tain­ly be handy.)

Keep track of your sewing needle when you use one of these cute needle minders.

Enam­el Cac­tus


Crafty Snail


Flo­ral Sewing Spool


Fine-Art Mas­ter­pieces (Set of 5)


Mon­stera Deli­ciosa


Daisy Dres­den Sun


You’re Flos­some


Plan­et Nar­whal


Moun­tain Min­der


Kit­ty With an Orange Bow


Heart Paws


Iron­ic “I Nev­er Fin­ish Any­thing”


Birth­stone Inspired Glit­ter Crys­tal


Cute Lla­mas


Stitch­ing Octo­pus

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