16 Genius Craft Ideas for Storage

16 Genius Craft Ideas for Storage

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Today, I’m excited to talk about one of my favourite topics ever; craft ideas for storage. It’s no secret around here that I actually gave up mishmashing my organization ideas and levelled up to a DreamBox.

No longer, do I have to spend days hoking through boxes and boxes of craft supplies to try and find one particular washi tape. I know where everything is and I will show you a few more images below!

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Free printable PDF template thread organizers - Bodice shaped embroidery floss tidy

Craft Ideas For Storage; Cardboard Mannequin Embroidery Floss Organizers + Template:

The first in this epic list of craft room organization ideas is a Free printable PDF template created by moi. A box should appear with the option for you to download the PDF file, if it doesn’t appear, please click here.

SVG files are also available if you prefer to use your Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut out all the little thread organizers.

Free printable PDF template thread organizers - Bodice shaped embroidery floss tidy

Craft Ideas For Storage; Download The Free Template:

To download this template, simply enter 0 (or leave a tip, whatever you feel it is worth) and then your email address. Then hit the button and get the file right to your inbox.

Use Dolly Pegs For Yarn Scraps

craft ideas for storage - dolly pegs used as embroidery floss organizers. Wrap your threads around pegs to keep them tidy and easy to access

Vintage wooden pegs are one of my favourite storage solutions ever. As craft storage, they’re easy to find and perfect for wrapping any yarn scraps that you may have laying around. It’s a great way of keeping yarn or embroidery floss scraps off the table, tidied away AND organized.

So, you will know where they are when you next need them and your room isn’t covered in random little scraps. You know the kind, they end up embedded in your socks, stuck to your leg or even in your hair.

Never lose sight of your metal dies again with the DreamBox Magnetic Board

craft ideas for storage - Sizzix die storage with magnetic panels in the DreamBox

If you have a Sizzix machine and love using dies, it can be a real nightmare to organize them. When I used a Sizzix and dies, I ended up creating a small sturdy binder, full of punched magnetic pages that held the dies.

It was great for a while, but if you use those things a lot then you are pulling the binder in and out of shelving, opening and closing; it takes a real toll on the punched holes of the magnetic sheet and doesn’t fit well.

For that reason, I think the only way forward is a magnetic board. That way, the dies you need can be arranged right by your face.

Those seasonal dies can have their own section in the bottom corner of your least-used door. Then the others can be arranged all around the board!

It’s important to know that if you got one of these for the Ultimate SewingBox, the MiniBox or Her HobbyBox, the finish it white and matte, and totally incompatible with dry-wipe markers. Any magnetic boards on the DreamBox and WorkBox 3.0 are great with dry erase markers, so go crazy.

Store your dies pattern side down. So you want the sharp bit towards the magnetic sheet. It will save you needing to get a fish slice to whip it off the board.

Craft Ideas For Storage; My DreamBox:

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