2 Expert Lead Art Classes For Adults You Will Love

Why are you seeking art classes for adults? Do you want to master a new skill or is it for mental health reasons? It can be both. That’s why I started learning art. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a mystery illness and became bedbound. I had about 2% energy on a daily basis but my brain was still working, and it was awful. 

Then I realised there would be pockets in my day when I had a bit more energy, and I could draw and finger paint and collage from the comfort of my bed. So I got a wee caboodles case of supplies sent to me and took my very first online art class. I haven’t looked back. And it was the start of a very long journey taking art classes for adults over this past decade.

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You can read more about me and my health story later, we’ve got art classes for adults to deal with now, so keep reading!

2 Expert Lead Art Classes For Adults You Will Love

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Since that time, my art has been featured in magazines, books. I’ve been a guest teacher and I do it constantly because it brings me so much joy. 

Playing with paint and colour is a very fun way to focus your energy and it’s very easy to do. There are ways you can travel with paints and small sketchbooks, so you can do it from anywhere. 

I wanted to let you know that there is a Limited Time Deal right now, where you can get 2 Months FREE! There are so many classes to choose from, you will master your favourite artistic skill in no time. 




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art classes for adults - Color Meditation Class hosted on CreativeBug

Art Classes For Adults Class 1; Color Meditation; A Daily Practice

Color Meditation Class

Lisa Solomon, the teacher and author of A Field Guide to Color shares her unfettered enthusiasm for color in this daily practice series and it really shines through. I had so much fun because I got to experiment with color theory, which is one of my favourites.

All too often, I end up getting so excited about the beautiful color I’ve added to the page, I now have a huge collection of backgrounds. 

You also get to play with patterns, and layering colors as you move through a variety of watercolor prompts. Be prepared to fully engage in color exploration and cultivate mindfulness.

After a month of observation, your perception of the tones and shades of your world will be attuned in a new way, which is the exact type of habit I need to develop right now. 

HomeWork From Both Classes:

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