20 Amazing Kids Books (That Your Friends Don’t Already Have)

20 Amazing Kids Books (That Your Friends Don’t Already Have)

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We are big fans of reading books (or at least browsing through the pictures!) here at our house, and I love giving books to family and friends who have kids as well. One problem with buying books, though, is that you aren’t always sure if they already have a certain book or not and unless you ask (and ruin the surprise a bit) it’s hard to know you aren’t supplying them with a double of something in their library. On that note, we rounded up 20 books that we love that are a little less widely known than a “Cat In The Hat” level classic and they are perfect for gifting or adding to your own kiddo library.

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Some of these older treasures can only be found on the used book market as they are older and out of print (like one of my top favorites, Rabbit’s New Rug) and others are new gems like Nova’s favorite Triangle book. I get such a kick out of the quirky nature of George and Martha books and Lola’s been obsessed with Scuffy the Tugboat for a while now (we even made up a little song about him that we sing when we open the book). Hope these treasures make their way into your gift bag or personal library soon! xo. Laura

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