20 Easy Science Experiments For Kids

20 Easy Science Experiments For Kids

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20 Easy Science Experiments For Kids share by miifplus art and craft and design

science experiments kidsTo put it nicely, convincing kids to do something educational isn’t always the easiest thing, I know this is true because I’ve just had that chat with one of my kids and it wasn’t exactly received well! I’m a great believer that if you want kids to do something it has to tick two major boxes, it needs to be interesting and it needs to be actually achievable – we’ve had a lot of Pinterest related disasters too! Today I’m sharing some easy science experiments for kids with simple activities they really can do.

All these of these kids science experiments are either those I’ve done at home or those that other bloggers have personally recommended to me. If you check out the posts you’ll see a lot of their kids trying out these ideas too!

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for easy science experiments to do at home that will help to make learning feel like fun.

Obviously this is a fairly big list so you won’t get them all done this week (unless you’re super keen?) that being the case you’re going to want to pin this or bookmark it so that you can return to it later!

easy science experiments for kids

Easy Science Experiments For Kids

Walking Rainbow: If your kids love activities that look pretty as well as being educational then try this walking rainbow, an easy activity to do with just a few simple household items with gorgeous results.

Batman Ice Experiment: This super easy experiment has been a favourite with my kids for years. Not into Batman? Change it for Frozen, Lego or whatever you have at home.

Easy Lava Lamp: These are so easy to make and to make it even simpler for you we’ve got a step by step video where you can see it in action.

Rainbow in a Jar Science Experiment: Grab some items you already have at home. and make a rainbow in a jar that looks super cheerful too. By making this rainbow in a jar, the kids are exploring density by layering sugar water to make a rainbow.

Human Sundial: Making a human sundial is a hands-on way for children to learn about the science of shadows and the rotation of the earth.

Make an Orange Volcano: Looking for a super fun and easy twist on the classic DIY volcano? Make your own orange volcano!

science experiments for kids easy

Create Magic Milk: Simple and colourful milk experiment you cam do right now with what you have in your kitchen.

Popsicle Stick Catapult: A simple catapult is a great way to explore physics and Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. Plus, it’s a blast for kids and will keep them busy for hours with just a few common household supplies.

Plants and Sunlight: Did you know that plants crave sunlight so much that they will bend to follow it? Kids love this simple visual plant science experiment, and it’s a super easy experiments for them to try.

Paper Helicopters: Focusing on gravity, make some fun little paper helicopters. They are easy to make. How can you make your helicopter drop faster or slower?

Egg Science Project: Here’s a fun way to do some science with all those TP roll tubes that are piling up! And if you don’t want to risk a real egg, a rock works too!

Magnetic Tubes: Use cardboard tubes, magnets and metal objects to explore the power of magnets!

Grow Carrot Tops with the kids: From toddlers to teens this simple science experiment from Rainy Day Mum can be used to explore plant growth. But don’t expect to grow a carrot it doesn’t work like that!

Cleaning Pennies with Ketchup: Challenge your kids: can you clean a penny with ketchup? They’ll be surprised by the result!

Forces Spinning Tops: NurtureStore has an easy science lesson plan about forces. Children can make a simple spinning top with the free printable and use it for a dynamic experiment to see the effect of forces, gravity, and friction.

Make a Compass: This a simple experiment which uses every day objects, but is great for engaging your child’s curiosity and sense of fun.

Dissolving Marshmallows: Which liquid will make your marshmallows dissolve faster? Check out this fun STEM Experiment with a FREE printable tracking sheet.

Egg Science Project: Here’s a fun way to do some science with all those TP roll tubes that are piling up! And if you don’t want to risk a real egg, a rock works too!

Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment: This leak proof bag science experiment is sure to WOW your kids! All you need is two household supplies and you can do this water experiment with your kids too.

Dissolving Eggshells: Can you dissolve the eggshell of a raw egg?

Windy Day Art Science Experiment: Explore the science of watercolor resist art by experimenting with different resist mediums with this fun STEAM project for kids.

More Easy Activities for Kids:

Help encourage your child’s number recognition with this free printable rainbow playdough mat.

rainbow play dough mat

Or why not try out some of these super easy fruit themed activities with loads of ideas to keep your child busy.

fruit activities for toddlers 300

Fancy something pretty and cheerful? We love these simple flower themed activities for kids.

flower activities for toddlers square 300

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