23 Fun Bonfire Night Crafts and Activities for Kids

23 Fun Bonfire Night Crafts and Activities for Kids

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a collage of bonfire night activities and crafts for kids suitable for guy fawkes nightThere are so many fun Bonfire Night crafts and activities for kids out there that I had to share some with Bonfire Night only a couple of weeks away. I’ve tried to share a mixture of Bonfire Night activities for early years as well as some inspiration for older kids too.

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Learning About Bonfire Night

I’m aware that we get quite a lot of readers from outside the UK and even for those of us who live here it’s always nice to have a little reminder of what and why we celebrate!

Bonfire Night takes place on 5th November and is the anniversary of the attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

People celebrate with bonfires, sparklers and fireworks and traditional food for Bonfire Night can include toffee apples and anything warming like jacket potatoes and hot dogs. Traditionally a ‘Guy’ is also put on the bonfire – this is a dummy that represents Guy (Guido) Fawkes who was part of the plot. If you’d like to find out more there’s a good article on the BBC Newsround site telling the story behind Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night Crafts and Activities for Kids

Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image below if you want to make sure you remember all of these great ideas!

bonfire night crafts and activities for kids easy and fun

Make a simple firework craft for kids and paint the explosions with their favourite colours.

A bonfire craft that’s really easy for kids to paint – just raid your kitchen supplies for materials!

As a mum who has The Fear about sparklers after seeing a lot of warnings about them as a kid I love this sparkler firework craft from Kids Craft Room as a much safer alternative!

Arty Crafty Kids Paper tube fireworks art project  would be great to do with pictures of your own town.

Fantastic Fun and Learning shares a fun tutorial for a fireworks ring that your kids can wear.

This Glowing bonfire craft from Buddy and Buggy looks amazing.

bonfire night activities for kids easy preschool fun

Make some simple Q-Tip fireworks like these from Crafty Morning

This craft was designed as a campfire but add a few more ‘sticks’ at the bottom and it would make a great bonfire craft! Plus it’s really easy to make which makes it great for younger kids too.

Crafty Morning shares a brilliant looking salt fireworks craft.

I love this cupcake liner bonfire from I Heart Crafty Things especially the little marshmallow!

Make some chocolate firework bark as a treat for Bonfire Night and maybe even take some out with you to eat!

These cupcake liner fireworks from A Little Pinch of Perfect are a great way to practice scissor skills.

These milky fireworks from One Time Though would be a great experiment to do with your kids.

This Pop up firework craft from Kids Craft Room is fantastic!

These easy fruit rockets from Eats Amazing make a brilliant healthy snack for Bonfire Night.

Make a simple bonfire night fireworks craft like this one I did with my kids when they were preschoolers.

These playdough fireworks from Nurturestore are a great sensory activity for younger kids.

Make some yummy edible chocolate sparklers like these ones I made with my kids for Day Out With The Kids

Play and Learn Every Day shares how to make a Bonfire night sensory box from

Science Sparks shares a cool firework in a glass experiment to do with your kids.

Fun Handprint Art shares a sweet handprint bonfire craft with a little song to sing too.

This campfire or bonfire cake from Mom vs the Boys looks absolutely amazing!

Grab some paper straws and make this rocket craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning

This simple fingerprint fireworks craft from Kids Activities Blog would be great for younger kids.

More Activities for Kids

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