24 Life-Changing Craft Room Storage Ideas To Save Your Sanity

24 Life-Changing Craft Room Storage Ideas To Save Your Sanity

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Are you in need of some craft room storage ideas before you drown in a sea of half-finished projects and mod podge?

Time For Some Stunning Craft Storage Ideas!

It CANNOT just be me! My craft room has reached capacity. There is no more room at the inn. 

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I’ve decided that it’s time to share some amazing craft room organization ideas for the soon to be amazing craft room studio and hopefully it will motivate me to tidy up. Hopefully! 

This post is to help you keep your craft supplies organized and please tell me in the comments below if you have any craft room organization ideas that are even better than what you’ve seen here today! 

My craft room is coming down with supplies, and I love finding new ways to organise my favourite products.

The above image is of Leenah’s craft room table; Leenah owns the blog Finding Nana I love this lady. She’s a pure talent and I’m very envious of her organising skills. Those are some serious skills to have. And her fantastic craft room storage organization have made me very giddy and considering a craft room makeover.

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My 3 Favourite Craft Room Storage Solutions From This Post:

  1. The Dreambox is just the ultimate Craft Cabinet you could ever wish to have. It’s the high end, well made, option and it is worth every single penny. I can attest to that. Right now you save $100 using coupon code HHMUK100 or HHMUK
  2. Use tiered snapware storage* for projects that you can hide in a closet.
  3. Using this kind of divided storage crate* is perfect for storing paints or these gorgeous glimmer misting sprays.

The First Craft Room Storage Idea: 

The Dreambox
Dreambox Craft Storage Solutions - 5 Star reviews

I’m lucky enough to own a Dreambox and I couldn’t be happier. It was the basis for which I built my Craft Room Transformation Challenge around! I realised that my Kallax unit was actually a black hole for craft supplies and without even realising, I stopped crafting. For months. I didn’t realise until I felt like I was missing something. Reassessing my craft room and all the reasons I wasn’t using it, help me totally transform the space with the help of the Dreambox. If you can afford a Dreambox, there is a limited 0% APR financing available.

Save $100 using coupon code = 🇺🇸 HMUK100 or 🇬🇧 HHMUK


Ikea cabinet for craft supply storage - 24 Amazing Storage Ideas That You Will Freakin' Love!
I’ve been trying to find this Ikea cabinet for my craft room for years. Unfortunately, it’s no longer being made, and I wish it were. *sigh*

Craft Room Storage Idea – Wall shelves and baskets

It’s gorgeous, and I love all of the baskets like these* that Leenah uses to organise her supplies. Even using a wall organizer is a good idea. It’s so easy to organize craft projects and supplies when everything is in reach in the craft room. I had to get my hands on one of those Smiggle cases* and I LOVE it! It holds all of my lettering supplies.


Stunning craft room home office and desk space

Epic Craft Room Organization

I had to share this little room because that stool almost matches my fabulous vintage chair that I found on Gumtree. This is one super-organized craft room. The amount of craft room storage that is jammed into this space is pretty ingenious.

I love those little white drawers underneath the desk, I can’t find drawers the same but I’ve found some that are quite similar distressed style drawers available. Speaking of desks… have you seen this Crea Ultimate Crafting table?! Be still my beating heart! It has SO much storage.

The palette style wood on the wall with hooks was a great idea for hanging storage and makes beautiful craft room organization!


Craft room storage dresser
Custom build drawers with dividers for craft storage for paint, boxes, stamps and punches

Custom Built Drawers Are A Clever Use Of Space

These marvellous custom-built drawers are from Stephanie Lynn. I thought it was a very good idea to add drawer dividers to the drawers. I’ve decided that I need to add some custom knobs to my drawers! They could be in HGTV magazine, they’re so fancy. Those teal flowers look fabulous. I’ve been searching and found some amazing drawer knobs from Anthropologie! Go look and tell me I’m wrong. I probably won’t listen though, that’s how beautiful they are.


Craft room storage - Vanity case

Use Vintage Vanity Cases For On The Go Crafting

This is my Samsonite case that I empty out and refill with whatever craft supplies I need for a project I am working on.


Craft storage baskets

Wire Baskets just like these make gorgeous storage for fabric and would look so chic in a home office or craft room. They’re perfect for keeping supplies organized.

Fill jars with beautiful ribbons and twines to make a real display of your organized supplies. Aren’t Eva’s ideas beautiful? Her craft room is to die for! Visit the minty house blog.


Craft storage - small item storage
The blue Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray is THE most incredible, intense shade of metallic blue! I’d love a car in that shade.

Desktop Storage To Organize DIY Crafting Supplies

Magda Mizera is an excellent scrapbooker and crafter and has lovely craft storage on her desk.

Go find jars, cake tins, cake pans, lazy susan, and old wooden boxes to store your crafty goodies! I love this little box with Heidi Swapp Color Shine Sprays.


Fabric and ribbon storage that would be suitable for a craft room or sewing room.

Fabric & Ribbons Galore | Dream Craft Room Organization!

I know this is a shop… but I thought the ribbon storage and fabric on bolts was a very inspiring way to display your fabric and ribbon stash. Image Via this link. Can you imagine if your small space craft room looked like this?! It’s a beautiful craft storage cabinet for all of your amazing supplies.


I love Maureen Mae’s craft room, and I love the consistency in the jars, i.e., not all mixed. If you’re in need of sewing room storage ideas for things like sewing machine feet, you could actually store them in clear plastic stacking tubs or jars to make the creative craft room storage look presentable! 

Use some glass candy jars, grab yourself a little wall shelf/picture ledge and some Ikea spice jars for small craft supplies. I think Maureen’s photos could also be seen in HGTV magazine, they’re so beautiful!


Craft room storage - Ikea Alex Drawers
I love how the table top Ikea Moppe drawers (similar) have been painted in pastel shades.The little shelving units and lots of drawers are excellent and very necessary in any craft room. Via Marga Marina

Go Higher Baby | Tall Craft Room Drawers

It’s simply ingenious how these Alex drawers have been put on a table to make them at a more manageable height.

These geometric style custom drawer knobs are rather unique aren’t they. They’re made from wooden blocks and just painted.


Tiered tupperware project storage

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Snapware storage bin via iHeartOrganizing is a great way to organize craft supplies if you were wandering around the house and move your crafts from room to room. This would be perfect for me to organise my December daily art supplies and it makes for some great craft room organization because you can tuck it away.


Small item storage - Cath Kidston tubs
This image was from me, using Cath Kidston Tupperware, washi tape and parcel tags for ribbons, trims and seam binding storage. Organising my ribbons and trims in Cath Kidston lunch boxes and tupperware – Fabric and ribbon storage that would be suitable for a craft room or sewing room.

Get cute lunch boxes to use as storage for your ribbons. Using these tubs and plastic stacking trays make for great craft room organization.

Organised Ribbon Storage
My ribbons in my little Cath Kidston lunch box from the 2012 range. These are just like clear plastic stacking tubs except they have pretty designs on the lid! 


Stationery storage trug
Heather Bullard twine storage Fabric and ribbon storage that would be suitable for a craft room or sewing room. It’s a great idea, especially if you want to take your craft supplies throughout the house or even outside.

Make Use Of Divided Crates

Another, deeper crate for storage. I must find myself some bottle crates to repurpose! via Heather Bullard.


Tiered etagere rubber stamp storage

Use A Tiered Cupcake Stand

Look what Janna found in Tiger stores. A super cute etagere/cupcake stand. I’m so happy I found one similar here. It would be even better if it was a spinning caddy! Do you want to see even more craft room organization from Janna? Check out this post where we get to see inside her beautiful craft room! 


washi tape on cake stand
I love them because they’re affordable!

This is a marvellous custom built (by a family member) storage rack for all these tickets! Visit Janna’s blog to see all her lovely craft storage. There are more photos of her studio on her Instagram feed.


Customise Inside A Closet

I love it! It’s such a bright space, and I began organising all of my supplies in take-out containers you can buy from the £/$ stores. I’ve since updated to sturdier plastic storage like this* after the lids became damaged a little too easily and split completely.

Ensure your closet shelving is sturdy! Look for solid wood pieces that will stand the test of time. If you need some inspiration, check out the Amish Outlet Store – they have plenty of office-related pieces that will work just as well in a craft room. Regardless of what you decide on, make sure that the materials are sturdy and offer value for money.  


Vintage shopping cart - lined and used as wallpaper storage
Vintage shopping cart used as wallpaper storage

Vintage Market baskets are great ideas for wallpaper storage!

Isn’t this vintage market basket rather marvellous? I think I prefer it without a lining because you get to see all of the beautiful wallpapers! This type of basket would be excellent for storing wrapping paper all year around. Via The T-Cozy.


Bathroom storage shelves being used in the craft room for glitter, jars and ribbons


From this rather varied and fabulous post, we see:

  • Children’s furniture can make excellent storage furniture!
  • The Dreambox is the ultimate Dream for any crafter.
  • Pegboards are incredible to make the most of wall space.
  • Drawer units can be organised and organised well!
  • Vintage Vanity Cases can make beautiful storage for on the go crafting.
  • Wooden bottle boxes can be fabulous storage because of the dividers.
  • Wire baskets are just adorable and can store anything.
  • Vintage jam jars (or jelly jars) are a beautiful style statement.
  • Lots of tiny tins and candle holders can do a similar job.
  • Small wooden boxes with dividers can do the same as the wine boxes. Great for sewing projects.
  • Vanity Top Trays/organizers can become great storage for notebooks etc.
  • Repurpose large units to suit your needs.
  • Picture ledges can be used for small items in jars.
  • Candy jars make beautiful storage and display.
  • Any furniture units can be modified with tabletop drawers.
  • Tiered storage that you can hide in a cupboard? Yes, please.
  • Pretty Tupperware can be useful for ribbons and trims
  • Tiered cupcake stands are great storage for washi tape and stamps etc.
  • Little buckets can do the same job as the jars and tins above.
  • Dowel rods in hooks for ticket rolls or ribbons are a great idea. Perhaps screwed into a shadow box.
  • Bread/Loaf Tins/Divided tins can be useful desktop storage.
  • Tupperware, magazine files, dowel rods, and hooks come together to make a beautiful cabinet!
  • Vintage Market Trolleys Can Be Awesome wallpaper/gift wrap storage
  • Fancy wire kitchen/bathroom organizers make pretty multi-purpose storage for the wall!

Do you have any amazing storage organization ideas for me?

Tell me in the comments below!

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