26 Easy Children’s Christmas Wreath Ideas

26 Easy Children’s Christmas Wreath Ideas

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26 Easy Children's Christmas Wreath Ideas sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

Childrens Christmas wreath ideas easy craftsToday I’m very excited to be sharing all these fantastic children’s Christmas wreath ideas with you. These fun and easy crafts will help your home look super festive and are a great way for kids to decorate their own rooms, how about having one on the door to their bedroom! There are all sorts of Christmas wreaths kids can make from paper plate wreaths, to pom pom wreaths and Christmas wreaths with natural materials. Which is your favourite?!

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Why do we make Christmas wreaths?

Christmas wreaths are said to represent eternal life with their circular shape. Time Magazine says “Christians in Europe often placed a candle on the wreath during Advent to symbolise the light that Jesus brought into the world.” If you’re looking for Christmas wreath crafts as part of your advent activities you could also add some candles to the wreath crafts below – a cardboard strip with a flame drawn on top is normally my kids go-to way to create easy advent candles for crafts.

Children’s Christmas Wreath Ideas

This is an old post that I’ve updated to add some new ideas for making Christmas wreaths that I found and loved, I hope you’ll love them too! All these children’s Christmas wreath ideas that I’m sharing today are listed in the order that they appear in the images below. If you like these ideas then make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the images so that you’ve got all these great ideas to hand when you need them, plus keep reading for more Christmas craft ideas and some fantastic Christmas books to share with your children.

Childrens Christmas wreath crafts

I love this simple wreath craft from Crafty Morning that’s made from pasta shapes

This Christmas wreath craft for toddlers is super easy to make.

This snowflake wreath craft would be great for all of winter.

Powerful Mothering’s Christmas wreaths are super quick to make but look really effective!

This handprint wreath from The Best Ideas for Kids would make a great keepsake or collaborative craft for a group of children.

What kid wouldn’t want to make this M&M wreath from Toddler Approved?

We made this paper plate Christmas wreath inspired by a local Holly tree

childrens christmas wreath ideas preschool toddlers school

This stained glass wreath from In The Playroom looks amazing!

I love this tear art Christmas wreath from Buddy and Buggy and you can hang it on your tree too as a Christmas wreath ornament too.

We always have loads of craft sticks lying around so this wreath from Childhood 101 would be perfect for us.

Make a Christmas wreath painting using a dish brush following Crafty Morning’s simple tutorial.

I love this natural advent wreath from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

This marble painted wreath from Housing A Forest looks so effective!

We decorated this wreath using leaves from our walk home from playgroup!

This Christmas wreath for kids from The Jenny Evolution is so simple and a great easy Christmas craft for them to enjoy.

We love ribbons and this ribbon wreath from Fantastic Fun and Learning looks like a great idea for kids.

I really want to do this pom pom wreath from Red Ted Art with my son.

This easy Christmas wreath for toddlers from Blog Me Mom looks like loads of fun, hurray more pom poms!

Teach Mama has a fun family activity that kids will love making these sweet candy wreaths.

I Can Teach My Child made this cute Christmas wreath with jingle bells.

These wreath ornaments from Happy Hooligans would look cute on your Christmas tree

This wreath from Teach Me Mommy is quick enough to make that it should keep any kid entertained.

Sharla from The Chaos and The Clutter makes these fabric wreaths every year with her kids.

This gem wreath from 3 Dinosaurs is great for fine motor skills.

This nature wreath from Fun at Home with Kids is a great way to bring some nature into your home!

Use mason jar lids to make a Christmas wreath ornament

Christmas Books for Kids

I love sharing Christmas stories with my kids (at my daughters insistence we pretty much read them all year round) and I think that it’s a great excuse to snuggle up together when it’s cold outside and read a book together. These are a few of our current favourites and I’d love to hear what you’re enjoying with your kids or have planned for Christmas Eve boxes!

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

We love this cute gingerbread house colouring page that’s perfect for Christmas

gingerbread house colouring page 300

I love this sweet Santa paper plate twirler that you can use as a Christmas decoration as it spins around.

paper plate santa twirler craft for christmas

Finally these easy heart ornaments are a great way to decorate your Christmas tree and they’re great for fine motor skills too!


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