28 Terrific Things To Sew With Vintage Fabric This Weekend!

28 Terrific Things To Sew With Vintage Fabric This Weekend!

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Things to sew - upcycle vintage sheets

The Terrific Things To Sew!

woo! Are you ready for this mass of things to sew from old vintage bed sheets?!

I must confess that this first image is from Homes and Antiques Magazine in 2012 and is not a tutorial but it’s perfect for inspiration! It’s easy to see why I was obsessed by vintage sheets when I had my Etsy store back in the day (now only for Planner Printables).

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I loved making things with vintage sheets and even though I did sell a lot of them off, I still have a great collection and plenty of ideas!


This is the best place to stock up on Vintage Sheets! But you can find several different fat quarter packs here. You can also find some stunning single, full sized sheets by perusing these pages.


Things to sew - vintage sheet apron

Vintage Sheet Apron Tutorial – Perfect Sewing Project For Beginners

I really like this apron pattern. The fabulously talented lady behind Vintage Sheets Blog did a great job with this apron!


DIY Lampshade Cover

I’m always afraid to cover a lampshade with fabric as I’m scared of fire hazards but if I could get a fire-retardant spray or something I would definitely do this.

Before We Get Started, Have You Taken The Customised Craft Furniture Quiz?

I must check if you could do it from a pillowcase. That would be very useful indeed! I had a fat quarter of this actual fabric from America that I love and have just cut into patchwork squares.

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Things to sew - vintage sheet projects
The collage of images was created by In Color Order, who is unfortunately no longer selling vintage sheets.

Loads Of Things To Sew From Vintage Sheets

Oh wow. I love all of these fabulous ideas of vintage sheet patchwork projects, lots of inspiration I suppose as you could really make anything you wanted including little fabric boxes or simple things like wee pouches and pencil cases.


Things to sew - vintage sheet patchwork cushions

Patchwork Cushions

I love all these pillows! Visit In Colour Order for a vintage sheet cushion tutorial.


Things to sew - vintage sheet patchwork sheet

Vintage Sheet Quilt

The pattern on this quilt is absolutely beautiful. Visit I Just Might Explode for more information. Love those sheets. I’m not sure if I like the large pieces… an easier option than cutting up lots of squares and stitching them together but the patterns are gorgeous.


Things to sew - vintage sheet sewing machine cover

A Super Simple Sewing Machine Cover

Another one of those super easy things to sew that is a perfect beginner sewing project!

Candance Todd has offered lots of lovely tutorials on her blog – the sewing machine cover above and the lovely ruffle aprons below.


Things to sew - vintage sheet aprons

Mini Aprons For Girls

I like the little girls option, smaller is usually always cuter right?!


Things to sew - vintage sheet day bed

Nap Time Mat

A nap time mat! For kids? um…. cute or what! Make a giant one for me :p I really like the pattern. I’ve included this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew because friends of mine are having babies left, right and centre so this would be a lovely idea for a ‘crawling mat’.


Things to sew - A-Frame tent

A Big A-Frame Tent – Not On Of The Things To Sew But It’s An Awesome DIY

Awesome! I would have loved a tent like this when I was growing up! Although I did have one of those plastic Wendy houses. I got very tall very quickly though so I grew out of it pretty fast which was pants. I want a tent now! You can view this tutorial over at My Cakies Blog.


Things to sew - vintage sheet pillowcases

Things To Sew With Vintage Sheets – Pillowcases

These decorative cushions are a lovely idea and I love the band across the front. Excellent idea and tutorial via Simply Feather blog.


Things to sew - vintage sheet ties

Gorgeous Vintage Sheet Ties

I know someone who would love a tie collection like this! This isn’t a tutorial for making ties, simply a great collection from a wedding! Via the user Kitsch Cafe on Flickr.


Things to sew - vintage sheet garland

Vintage Sheet Scrappy Garland

This is another excellent idea for me to make use of the fabric remnants I have ^_^ again, not a tutorial but an image from Eco Footprints blog of this pretty vintage fabric bunting!


Things to sew - vintage sheet garland

Another Awesome DIY Project

Such a beautiful bedroom in the vintage style ^_^ I love it! And the little crochet garlands from Boo and The Boy.


Things to sew - vintage sheet coasters

Another Perfect One Of Those Things To Sew For Beginners

Vintage sheet napkins or coasters from Design Sponge. A lovely idea! If I were to make these I would do that trick with Silicone sealant to make them waterproof.


Things to sew - vintage sheet file folders

The Easiest DIY Project

You could pretty up your office file folders with some mod podge and a fat quarter! I love this tutorial from Design Sponge, what a great way to stay organised if you still use paper files.


Things to sew - vintage sheet cabinet curtains

Super Simple Cupboard Curtains

OhDottie I love yoooou… such lovely little cupboard curtains!


Things to sew - vintage sheet patchwork curtains

Gorgeous Patchwork Cushions

and these!! I love these so much. These fabulous curtains were made by the beautiful Maggie and Sparrow. I attempted to create these for my wee crafty room but it made the room so dark because it’s on the shadowed side of the house. I might just put them up when it’s cold and dark outside!


have you seen all the amazing things to sew using vintage sheets? The vintage sheets projects are fabulous to use as DIY Home Decor. whether you want to make a vintage sheet quilt, a vintage sheet apron or vintage sheet patchwork curtains, you will love making them for your DIY home decor. Vintage sheets can make some beautiful home decor ideas for your quirky little haven. Suitable sewing projects for beginners as well as seasoned crafters! Click through to see the rest

Insanely Simple DIY Lace Window Screens

This is a brilliant idea for warm weather to keep the flies out! Some lace screens for your window. From 365 Slojd

28 fabulous vintage sheets projects that you will love making for your home decor. Vintage sheets can make some beautiful home decor ideas for your quirky little haven. Click through to see 28 different ways in which you can upcycle old material

Perfect Patchwork Awning

Patchwork awning?! A cover for a bed?! I love the mix of fabrics. Beautiful and very homemade by Amanda Made. I love it.

If you don’t have any vintage sheets to cut up but are desperate to find some, I have curated a big list of my favourite fabrics on Etsy!

things to sew - 28 vintage sheet projects


Now let’s recap that list of awesome things to sew!

Can you think of any more potential projects? Tell me in the comments below or tweet me @hearthandmadeuk. Click items in list below to find patterns, tutorials and additional instructions.

  1. Yoyo cushions 👈 click for pattern
  2. Pillowcase turned apron
  3. Lampshade cover
  4. Patchwork Coasters
  5. Triangle Bunting
  6. Box Bag
  7. Patchwork Napkins
  8. Patchwork Blanket
  9. Elastic waist skirt
  10. Patchwork Tote Bag
  11. Patchwork Blanket – version 2
  12. Wrapped wire hangers
  13. Patchwork Cushion Covers
  14. Patchwork duvet cover
  15. Sewing Machine Cover
  16. Tiered ruffle apron
  17. Pull out nap time bed
  18. A-Frame Tent
  19. Decorative pillowcases (using patchwork style methods)
  20. Men’s Ties
  21. Rectangle/Scrappy Bunting
  22. Used as decor in a vintage window frame
  23. Block Fabric Napkins
  24. Decoupage file folders
  25. Cupboard ‘door’ curtains
  26. Patchwork curtains
  27. Window Screens
  28. Bed Canopy
things to sew - 28 vintage sheet projects

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