When it comes to wedding centrepiece ideas, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. That way, you won’t get too carried away with potentially costly supplies or ideas. There are many places where you can cut costs at a wedding and thankfully, a wedding centrepiece is a great place to start.

3 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Centrepiece Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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Wedding Centrepiece 1; Simple Lace Covered Jar Vases

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - lace vases

You can buy these pre-made which does cost a little more but it’s really down to how much time you have available and whether it’s worth it to get someone else to do it for you. If you have some time, you can invite your bridal party over for a handmade evening of crafts, drinking and making centrepieces. 

At the reception, you could easily use one of these and a small card to instruct friends and family to use a wedding photo sharing app or which hashtag to use.

You will need: 

If you are going to host a crafting party, ensure there are enough scissors and rolls of tape to go round each guest. You are asking them to give up their time for you so it’s important to supply the basics.

Note on the lace: 

The best jars will use wide lace to cover the stems, especially if they’re artificial. You can find lots of lace and vintage trims several inches wide, so get the measurement of your jar first. If it’s a 4 inch jar, measure the height of the largest part of the jar before it curves. Then you choose a width 

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Bird Cages Full of Flowers

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - bird cage full of flowers

Depending on how many tables there will be at your wedding reception, using a bird cage full of silk flowers and possibly pearl strings could be a rather magical idea. 

You Will Need: 

Elegant Vases Of Fluffy Flowers

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - best flowers for wedding arrangements on a budget

One of the best flowers for a wedding centrepiece is hydrangea. They’re large blooms, very fluffy and come in beautiful pastel shades. For your own wedding centrepiece, you could use 6 or 7 hydrangea blooms and one of your vases from above. 

If you plan on making each wedding centrepiece well in advance, you could always use silk hydrangea. 

It’s important to note that if you don’t like your silk flowers as much as you thought you would, you can always use something called fabric medium and some watercolour paints to create beautiful colours and effects. 

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - table of wedding decorations

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas Concluded 

Even though starting with a cut-price centrepiece is a great idea, it’s not the only place to cut costs. Perhaps instead of going the traditional bridal gown route, you could find a prom dress to suit you instead. In more recent years prom dresses have become a lot more elegant so it could be worth a try and some are as cheap as a second-hand gown. 

For even more budget wedding ideas, please keep reading! 

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas - hot pink bird cage and flowers

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