3 Places To Keep Calm And Master A New Skill During Lockdown

During this international shared experience, it’s important that we keep calm and carry on. When I say carry on, I don’t mean leaving the house, smooching people or going to church. In the traditional British manner, one must raise their heads and continue to live their lives.

Staying calm in this period of intense international anxiety can seem impossible.

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The aim here is to keep calm and reduce the amount of stress in your life. Those with high blood pressure are going to be ideal candidates for Covid-19, so it’s imperative you stay calm.

A great way to stay calm is by diving into learning a new skill. Keep reading to find out how to identify the best crafts to do for mindfulness.


Keep Calm And Master A New Skill During Lockdown

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  • MyBluprint (currently rebranding)
  • Skillshare (learn pretty much anything!) 7 Days Free Trial


Keep calm and carry on crafting

It’s important to note that choosing the wrong craft skill or hobby can make you more stressed if you don’t quite get the hang of it.

When I was teaching myself crochet (long before lots of blogs had a billion tutorials) I was learning from a book.

Then I was shouting at the book and then I gave up. I ended up taking a class on skillshare which made the learning process 100 times faster.

Here are some things you should consider before you decide which craft or skill is a good match for you:

Keep calm and learn calligraphy

Concentration Is Key

The best hobbies to try out are going to be those that will help to clear your mind. Picking a hobby that only frustrates you isn’t going to be any good for stress relief. Finding something you have to concentrate on while doing it is excellent. 

Even if you need to try CBD oil to stay calm, you could use it and practise your new skill for ultimate peace. Click here for the best CBD oil.

It is going to help you remain calm in this incredibly trying time. For extended peace and great coping skills, crafting and mindfulness go hand in hand.


Improve your mental health with papercrafts

Great examples of relaxing crafts: 

Check out the Heart Heart Handmade UK Youtube channel Easy craft ideas


Keep Calm and improve your coping abilities during this international crisis. Use Covid-19 lockdown as an excuse to master a new skill & your mental health. Find out how to identify the best crafts and hobbies to take up for mindfulness, the best places to learn crafts and lots of resources of keep you entertained during this period. Enjoy free craft magazines, videos and coloring in pages #crafts #mindfulness #mentalhealth

You Want To Be Able To Enjoy Every Aspect Of Your Craft Skill

Something like gardening can be a great choice if you are able. You are out in the sunshine, getting exercise and vitamin D; it’s great for mental health. 

Hand lettering is a great idea too, it could get frustrating if you aren’t patient and don’t want to go through the process of practising lines and shapes. However, a lot of people do tend to see quite quick results. 

Painting is also a marvellous idea because you just need one or two hacks from a professional artist and you are there. I didn’t take advanced art in high school but it’s everything to me and my mental health.

Art journaling is probably top of my favourite things to do for my mental health. 


keep calm and hygge

Keep Calm And Be A Better Person

Many find stress relief from stepping outside of their comfort zones. You could learn a new language or even take a baking class.

Whatever you can do to enrich your skill set and improve your life will improve your ability to stay calm and remain calm.

The focus is exactly what you need to bring yourself into the present moment and stop thinking of the “what if’s”.


Keep Calm and Paint with CreativeBug

The Best Online Learning Platforms To Master a New Skill: 

  • CreativeBug (perfect for painting, baking and textiles) Get A Month FREE
  • MyBluprint (They are currently rebranding back to Craftsy)
  • Skillshare (learn pretty much anything!) 


Keep Calm and Master a New Skill

Finally, Keep Calm And Read The Book:

Some hobbies can be more relaxing than others. It’s simply a matter of finding the right hobby for you. 

Keep Calm and Improve your coping abilities

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