4 Easy Snowflake Crafts for Kids

4 Easy Snowflake Crafts for Kids

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4 Easy Snowflake Crafts for Kids sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

easy snowflake crafts for kids mosaic designToday I’m sharing four easy snowflake crafts for kids that you can make using our free snowflake template. These are one of our most popular winter crafts for kids and they’re great for preschoolers as you can use them as a way to support scissor skills and fine motor skills. As well as that they’re also suitable for kids both a bit younger and older than that as they’re easily adaptable for toddlers or school age kids. You’ll also find that once you start trying out these snowflake crafts using our snowflake template you’ll start thinking of lots of other ways to use it too depending on what you already have at home.

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Easy Snowflake Crafts for Kids

All of the snowflake crafts for kids that I’ve shared in this post use our free snowflake template and where possible I’ve printed the template onto white card* or blue card* rather than paper. As you’ll be using a fair bit of glue this tends to stop it getting too sloppy or (even worse!) tearing, go with what works best for you and the snowflake craft you are making though. I’ve also used PVA glue* (school glue) for the snowflake crafts that involve sticking as it’s generally better than a glue stick for holding different textures.

If you like the snowflake crafts for kids that I’m sharing today make sure that you bookmark this post or pin an image so that you can return to it later, especially if you want to grab the snowflake template another time! Plus keep reading for some ideas for snow books for kids, some of our favourite winter crafts for children and of course the snowflake crafts themselves.

Easy snowflake crafts for kids using a free template

Snow Books For Kids

As an ex-bookseller I can’t help but keep an eye out for themed books that I think would be great to read alongside some of our activities. These books about snow all look great and would be perfect for sharing while you keep snugly and warm inside during those colder months.

Mosaic Snowflake Craft for Kids

mosaic snowflake craft for kids #kidscrafts #wintercrafts

This craft is a great way to practice scissor skills and fine motor skills. Cut some coloured scrap paper into pieces and then glue it into place on your snowflake – older kids will be able to do this more neatly – can they do it without overlapping? With younger kids you could discuss the different colours you’re using or any different shapes, are there squares, triangles or rectangles? Older kids can do the gluing themselves where as if you want the coloured paper to actually be on the snowflake then you might want to help younger kids with that part. Of course if you don’t mind where the paper gets stuck then just let them go for it!

Scrunched Paper Snowflake Craft

scrunched tissue paper snowflake craft for kids #kidscrafts

I really love tissue paper* in kids crafts because it’s such a nice sensory material to use – while you craft you can chat about what noises it makes as it tears and as you screw it into shapes to glue down, how does it feel? Try making different sizes shapes with the tissue paper too with small screwed up balls of the paper and longer sausage shapes to go along the snowflake. I’ve used blue tissue paper for this as that’s what we had at home but white tissue paper would be great too.

Pom Pom Printed Snowflake Craft

pom pom printed easy snowflake craft for kids #kidscrafts

Pom poms are one of those things that we always seem to get in craft packs but are never quite sure what to do with them (yes, us too.) We love using pom poms as a fun alternative to paint brushes or finger painting – you can hold on to them with fingers or using a clothes peg and it’s fun to try using different sized pom poms for this too. Put coloured paint onto a reusable plate for an easy way to access it.

Rice ‘Painted’ Snowflake

easy snowflake craft for kids to make toddler preschool

Rice is a great alternative to glitter when you’re crafting with kids and easy to dye if you fancy adding some colour to it – I like this tutorial for DIY coloured rice from Paging Fun Mums. Covering the snowflake shape with glue first means that even very young children can get involved in this activity as they sprinkle rice over their snowflake and gently shake off any excess.

To download both the template used in this craft and an additional PDF with three smaller snowflakes check out our free snowflake templates.

Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Create a range of easy snowflake crafts for kids using our free template and common craft materials


  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pom poms

  • Coloured Paint

  • Plate


  • Blue and White Card
  • Coloured Scrap Paper
  • White Rice
  • Tissue Paper


  • Print off as many copies of the snowflake template as you need.

    snowflake template easy pdf
  • For a mosaic snowflake cut your scrap paper into shapes, put glue on the inside of your snowflake and glue on the scrap paper pieces.

  • For a scrunched paper snowflake put glue on the snowflake and then tear and scrunch your tissue paper to decorate it.

  • For a pom pom printed snowflake put blue and white paint onto a plate and then dip your pom pom into it, dabbing the paint onto the snowflake template to decorate it.

  • For a rice decorated snowflake put glue onto your template and then sprinkle rice onto it.


If you are using rice to decorate your snowflake you could dye it first.
Have a hunt around your craft stash for materials that you could use maybe trying stickers, wool or even finger painting.

More Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

If you like using templates for kids to add their own artwork to then check out our winter tree painting ideas to make using our free tree template.

winter tree painting ideas 300

This scrunched tissue paper snowman is easy to make and pretty cute!scrunched paper snowman craft 300

Finally this simple polar bear craft has been really popular (and is another cute make!)polar bear craft 300


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