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So many of the trees I’ve seen today have been covered in blossom that I thought it was the right time to share these easy and fun spring tree crafts for kids. These simple craft ideas all use our free tree printable and I’m sharing four fun ideas with you today, hopefully it will encourage you and your kids to think of a few ideas too using things you have at home!

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Spring Tree Crafts for Kids

Spring is such a pretty and cheerful time that I think it’s a great idea to celebrate it with kids. I’ve used pink for all of the spring blossom today but you could use white if you prefer or maybe have a chat with your kids about which they think would be best!

These crafts would be great for any age as your child’s interests (and imagination!) mean that you can adapt and change the crafts depending on what materials you have at home and what you like to create.

Love painting? Go for the pom poms or lego ideas. Not so keen on the mess? That’s fine, try the tissue paper or wool or if you really can’t stand the mess (and as parent I get that way sometimes as much as my kids do) then there’s absolutely no shame in just grabbing some felt tip pens and drawing on some leaves and blossom.

Having the tree template there means that if you are making this as a spring tree craft for preschoolers or toddlers you’ve got a good chance of it looking actually like a spring tree afterwards – just make sure that if you’re doing a craft including glue that it’s put on the branches and not on the floor.

Having said that, this is real life and not Pinterest – my kids always end up sticking stuff all over the paper and that is absolutely FINE! It’s a kids craft, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

Like these ideas? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so you’ve got them all to hand when you need them. As well as the ideas in today’s post keep reading for some spring books for kids and some more spring themed crafts and activities that we love.

spring tree crafts for kids


Free Tree Printable

All of the crafts in this post use our tree template.

I’ve printed the template onto white paper but you may find that you want to print on to white cardstock instead as the thicker card can be better at holding large quantities of glue or paint.

Love activities that are easy to set up? Check out our free templates for kids crafts for more ideas.

Spring Books for Kids

There’s few things nicer than sharing a story with your child and it’s a great way to encourage an interest in what you’re learning about too. Which of these would your kids enjoy the most?

Tissue Paper Spring Tree Craft

tissue paper spring tree craft for kids #kidscrafts #preschool

This craft uses tissue paper* in two different ways to create your spring tree.

First tear the green tissue paper in to pieces and then stick it onto your tree template to make the leaves then tear up some pink tissue and scrunch it into balls to make your tree’s blossom before gluing that on too – I find that PVA (school glue*) works a lot better than a glue stick for this.

Tissue paper is a really fun material to work with for kids and you can talk about the noise and feel of it while you’re using it. Tearing paper is also a good way to work on fine motor skills.

Pom Pom Printed Spring Tree Craft

pom pom printed spring tree craft for kids preschool toddlers #kidscrafts #springcrafts

Pom poms* are a great way for kids to paint if they don’t like the feel of finger paints (you could totally use finger painting for this craft too!)

Pour some paint into a reusable plate or tray to make it easier to access for this craft.

As you’ll see in the video I’ve used a larger pom pom for the leaves on the tree and a smaller pom pom for the blossom but you can use whatever size you prefer. If you don’t want to hold on to the pom poms themselves you could also use a peg to hold onto them.

Lego Printed Spring Tree Craft

lego printed spring tree craft for kids #preschool #springcrafts

Lego is a fun thing to print with because it’s quite an unusual item (we always like using things other than a normal paintbrush!) but it also makes really good circles which look great for the leaves and blossom.

As with the spring tree craft above, pour some paint onto a reusable plate or tray first to make it easier to dip your Lego into it.

I would also use different bricks if possible for each colour so that they don’t mix too much, although don’t worry if this isn’t possible.

Don’t like the feel of paint? Why not try making a little tower of bricks to paint with so you can keep your fingers away from it.

For younger kids Duplo* would be a better choice as the bigger bricks are easier for little hands to hold. (And I know I’m stating the obvious here but obviously to stay with and keep an eye on your child when they’re using smaller items like this and only do activities with your child which are suitable for your child. I’ve got one child who was quite sensible and one who would eat playdough so I know all kids are different!)

Yarn and Pom Pom Spring Tree Craft

yarn and pom pom spring tree craft for kids preschool toddler #kidscrafts #spring

Yarn* and pom poms* are both a really nice sensory material for kids to use when crafting.

First cut your yarn into pieces, you can do this yourself for younger children or help older children to help cut it up.

Once that’s done just pop some school glue over the trees branches and then add the yarn and pom poms to decorate!

More Spring Crafts for Kids

Loving the spring tree crafts? They’re super cute so I don’t blame you! Why not try our paper plate spring tree craft too.

paper plate spring tree

This paint splat sheep craft is really easy to make (and hopefully not too messy!)

sheep craft preschoolers paint splat

My daughter loved making these sponge printed chicks which would be great for Easter too!

chick craft 300

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