When it comes to exploring NFT projects it is easy to get overwhelmed. Today there are millions of NFTs on the blockchain and thousands of new projects created daily. So how do you decide which projects are worth your interest, let alone your investment? 

For starters, you should get clear on whether you are purchasing NFTs for the art and digital expression or if you are purchasing NFTs as an investment. Like the physical art world, NFT prices are based on supply and demand. Meaning, if you’re purchasing the digital asset because you love the piece of art without needing it to increase in value – go nuts. Find the NFTs that inspire you. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to NFTs for an investment then purchasing NFTs based on your taste isn’t the route to go. Instead, use resources like OpenSea’s top NFT tools to analyze different projects over time. 

Disclaimer: As a team of creators, we’re excited by NFTs as a means of monetizing creative digital work. But we aren’t investors nor do we want to speculate on which digital assets will increase in value over time. Instead, here is our (current) list of creative NFT projects / platforms that inspire us, use NFTs in innovative ways or we just think are pretty damn cool. 


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