5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs!

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs!

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5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs sharing by miifplus art and craft and design_3

Are you a beginner who wants to learn to sew but has no clue about what to do if you run into problems? Today we are going to cover a list of the things you should avoid at all costs because it saves so much frustration. As a beginner, you are going to make mistakes. Accepting that fact makes them a lot easier to deal with. You will find out the mistakes you have to avoid as you learn to sew, preventing yourself from all kinds of hair pulling and screaming matches with a bobbin and a Laptop at the same time. Was that too specific of an example?

Sewing is an art, a skill, and not everybody can be an A* student when you learn to sew but, if you follow these basic rules, and persevere you will have stunning projects in no time.

Learn To Sew: 5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs! 

Please know that the cost I am referring to here is your sanity. If you have no idea what I mean then you clearly haven’t argued with a sewing machine before. It really leaves you questioning your tolerance for frustrations.

Before we even get started. If you have purchased a second-hand sewing machine or you bought a machine and haven’t used it in years, it may need to be serviced. That ended up being my issue that no Laptop could fix alone.

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What are the basic rules to follow when you learn to sew?

It is a fact, that when you follow the basic rules, it’s easy to achieve what you set out to achieve. For this reason, the first thumb rule that you need to follow to have success is to start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start. Then keep on adding new skills in order to gain more confidence in your sewing skills. Start with taking sewing classes and join groups to get feedback. Ladies on forums and facebook groups are SO helpful and the fact that it’s so easy now to record video means that you don’t have to wait for an answer.

Although, there are high chances that you will make mistakes initially; mistakes are what you learn from. You need to practice a lot so that you get your hands on sewing perfectly.

However, if you want to save time by not making the same mistakes again and again, then you have to educate yourself on avoiding those sewing mistakes. We are going to list down the 5 sewing mistakes that you can avoid, especially if you are a beginner.

Mistake #1 Running Before Walking – Do Not Choose A Complicated Project

These rules help save your time, energy fabric and money! If you want to learn more tactics and techniques of sewing, you really should take a class. Through the tutorials, you can begin with making small drawstrings or the bucket bags. By checking out each step thoroughly, you will definitely learn from the easy to follow steps.

Picking The Wrong Fabric 

If you choose the wrong type of material then your sewing project will be a disaster from the start. There are a few things that you must consider before choosing fabric. BluPrint outline everything you need to know perfectly in this excellent guide.

Not Enough Fabric

There are several reasons why we have this on our list. People often, especially beginners, make this huge mistake of buying the amount of fabric required by the pattern. My granny taught me a long time ago that you should always buy extra in case you make a mistake and can’t get the same fabric from the same bolt again. Sometimes material bolts vary in colour depending on storage. The main reason I discovered you should extra fabric is that you might make a mistake while cutting.

Measure TWICE Cut ONCE

Different materials react differently to washing and some shrinkage may occur. I always launder fabric before using it in a sewing project.

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Not Knowing How To Read And Read A Sewing Pattern

Relax. When you sit for sewing, begin with the correct alignment of all edges and make them flat. Every single piece of the pattern tells you everything you need to know. The pattern tells you how it should be cut. After this, the pattern helps you sort out how it should be folded and furthermore, how the edges must be folded too.

Moreover, be aware of how much of the pattern has to be cut into pieces. This is because a few patterns need only one piece to be cut, but if you want to make a quilted project you can have hundreds of pieces. I do not recommend that just yet though!

This part of sewing is the most essential one because if you make a mistake here, you might end up destroying the entire fabric piece.

Not Using The Right Needle And Thread

It has been highly recommended by expert sewers that most of the garments should be sewn with 100% polyester all-purpose thread.

Threads such as rayon, silk, quilting and topstitching are not suitable for making normal clothes.

Coming to the needles, you have to choose the needle according to the fabric you have chosen to sew. A universal needle is used commonly for the natural fibres or jerseys etc. Stretch needles are used to stitch elastic or stretchy fabrics. Metallic or leather needles are also available for specific fabric stitching.

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Remember that when you learn to sew, you will make mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable but the chances of you making fewer mistakes greatly increase when you remember basic rules. The same can be said for any skill; photography, crochet, baking or even painting. Don’t be afraid, because fear leads to procrastination and I have too many sewing projects for you to start making.

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

Everything You Need To Know About Sewing Needles In 1 Mini Guide

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