7 Craft Storage Cabinet Ideas For Your Fantasy Craft Space

7 Craft Storage Cabinet Ideas For Your Fantasy Craft Space

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When it comes to purchasing your first craft storage cabinet, or even your fifth, there are several things you must consider first. Obviously, it will depend on what size of craft room you have, how many supplies you currently have and your budget. Finding those solutions can be a complete pain which is why we have curated this epic list of craft storage cabinets for you.


7 Craft Storage Cabinet Ideas For Your Fantasy Craft Space


If you’ve been on this site before, you know how much I love craft storage solutions. So much so, I’ve been blogging about them since 2010. Yes, we are old but we love it! Poopers and I that is.

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Believe it or not, Poopers was actually featured in Ikea Family Magazine 2011 in my very first craft room, standing in an Ikea Expedit unit. I’ve been passionate about craft storage solutions and creativity for mental health ever since then.

In today’s post, I want to guide you through your options, then at the bottom of this article, there are a ton of other things for you to read to help you guarantee your Dream craft room becomes a reality.


1. Dreambox (UK, Europe, United States)


The New DreamBox
Build your DreamBox here

This 5 Star, craft storage cabinet is an epic piece of furniture. The Dreambox was created by The Original Scrapbox Company, who have since rebranded to CreateRoom. I built my DreamBox to come with side tables, drawers, 80 totes and crown light fixture.

As a disabled crafter, I am so incredibly grateful for this piece of furniture. I explained in this craft cabinet post that thanks to this cabinet, I’ve stopped suffering injuries in my craft room. That’s because I’m not crafting on the ground or having to try and move large boxes.

Black Friday DreamBox Sale Coupon 2

All of the supplies are easy to hand and I’ve been so much more creative since. Knowing where every single craft supply means that setting up craft projects is 10x faster. There are a ton of pretty surprising accessories available in the CreateRoom store, this is my favourite. A must-have for anyone who sews or crochets.


2.Storage 4 Crafts Salcombe and Hutch (UK Only)

Craft Storage Cabinet - Storage4Crafts Salcombe and Hutch

If your budget is a little smaller, this Storage4Crafts hutch unit is also pretty great. It does have a lot less storage than the Dreambox though, with 40 totes instead of the 80 you can get in your Dreambox Package. While they do have an interest free financing option, so do CreateRoom and you get much more bang for your buck with the unit above, rather than the hutch.

It’s important to note that delivery can take up to 8 weeks with this particular product, so if you’re impatient, this option isn’t great.


3.Upcycle a Hutch

If you love shopping on sites like Craigslist, PreLoved or Gumtree, you could pick up a hutch on a real budget. The only problem I would have had with this is that; there’s too much work involved, before the actual work of filling and styling. So of course, that means I’m really impressed with this stunning armoire makeover!

Do you want to know my process for transforming a creative space?


4.Build Your Own Cabinet By Stacking Solutions

You could of course, end up stacking solutions to create a cabinet for your craft supplies by stacking cubby units or even wall mounted organizers.

The ribbon storage above is 4 separate wall organizers stacked on top of each other in a fabric store but it could work well as crafting storage.


5.Takeover A Closet

Instead of using a closet for coats or stuffing full of crap, you could easily use it as storage for crafts. Whether you install craft storage cupboards above, or a shelf, updating a closet is great because it means you can close the door and put supplies away.

That’s what I love about my Dreambox craft storage cupboard. I’m able to hide everything away and transform my craft room into a guest room. Your craft storage closet can be anywhere in your home, even your living room. As long as you have plenty of drawers and storage available!


6.Hide Craft Storage In Closet (Minus Desk)

Our homes are all different, and this idea is perfect for any room with an alcove. Under there, you can hide your supplies or projects in craft storage drawers. Simply using a couple of Alex drawer units from Ikea or even a craft trolley could fit in an alcove.

The We R Memory Keepers carts come with accessories; including dividers, liners, stuff that hangs off. I honestly wish I had been a bit more patient before buying the cheapest teal cart I could find off Amazon. These dividers and liners would be an absolute life saver. I spilled ink and ruined the base of one of my trays, permanently. As long as I cover it though, nobody else needs to know so keep schtum!


7.Ikea Kallax Unit with Desk

The Heart Handmade UK Craft Storage Unit

This is my old craft room set up! However, I really must warn you that as a crafter, this Kallax unit is completely USELESS without the desk attached. You may not have room for the desk attachment, I didn’t when I moved into my new home so I had to wave goodbye. Then nothing happened. I stopped crafting and it wasn’t until after quite a bit of self-reflection that I realised why. I asked myself several questions and realised it was because my Kallax unit was no longer useful when my supplies were not within easy reach. I like to call it a ‘craft supply black hole’.

If you don’t have the space for the desk attachment, I highly recommend that you get a folding craft cabinet, it doesn’t have to be the Dreambox, just as long as you can easily access supplies.

craft storage cabinet Craft Closet



Do you have a craft toolbox or even a giant storage box for crafts that you need to seriously upgrade? Shopping for furniture really can be a slight nightmare. That’s why I’ve created several expert guides to help you

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