7 Expert Lettering Classes To Make You Go Pro, Quickly

7 Expert Lettering Classes To Make You Go Pro, Quickly

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After seeing so many beautiful examples of lettering back in 2010, I knew I needed to take some lettering classes. But, I had my doubts. Was pretty lettering something that I could actually achieve?

I thought I had to improve my handwriting immediately and then I would be amazing at lettering. That’s not necessary, but it certainly made learning Lettering much easier.

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Do you hear me?



7 Expert Lettering Classes To Make You Go Pro, Quickly


Lettering classes have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. With more talented letterers deciding to become teachers and share their skills, there are so many incredible online classes you can take to learn about ANYTHING!

Today,  I’m very excited today to share some fabulous online courses available for lovers of all things letter related.

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There are a few courses in here that I’ve shared before on the blog (since I’ve taken my fair share) but they’re beautiful, they’re worth sharing again.


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7 Expert Lettering Classes To Make You Go Pro, Quickly

Lettering classes - Daily Lettering Challenge: 31 Creative Lettering Ideas with Pam Garrison

1. Daily Lettering Classes! A 31 Day Challenge; Creative Lettering Ideas with Pam Garrison

Pam Garrison is one of my absolute favourite artists ever. Every time she has a new class on CreativeBug, I am there! She just recently launched Painting Abstract Florals, which I’m taking at the time of writing.

As with every class from Pam, she inspires and motivates. Not only that but she also provides handy hints and tricks that you never forget because they’re so good. Real “why did nobody tell me this before?!” tips.

Over the 30 days, you are challenged to a new lettering piece. I am a huge fan of challenges because NOTHING will help you reach your goal faster than taking daily action. If you’re disciplined enough to do it by yourself, well done you! But I need the structure handed to me.


Watercolor Lettering - A Daily Practice With Jess Park

2. Watercolor Lettering – A Daily Practice With Jess Park

Lettering artist Jess Park shares her techniques for creating colorful watercolor script. You’ll learn the basics of pen and brush lettering first, then pluck away at painting plants, stems, and flowers to create wreaths and laurels.

From there, you’ll expand your skills, learning how to create illustrations that live inside of a letter or word. By the end of the class, you’ll have all the skills you need to fill your sentence with a sunset or your monogram with a luscious bowl of fruit.    


Level up your hand lettering with these incredible courses from around the web with some expert artists in their fields.
Lettering Classes - Painting letters with Gouache with Jennifer Orkin Lewis

3. Painting Letters With Gouache

Use your own handwriting to cultivate a lettering style that is all you. Jen Orkin Lewis shows you how to create a lowercase and uppercase alphabet using paintbrushes and gouache paint.

She then shows you how to build forms and add color to create vibrant block lettering. As a final project, you’ll paint a favorite quote and add embellishments to make a frame-worthy finished piece.


Lettering Classes - Bounce Lettering Basics with Brittany Luiz
Start your free trial to try this class!

4. Bounce Lettering Classes; The Basics

In this class, you learn everything you need to know to recreate this bouncey lettering style. It’s easier to do that you think!


Lettering Classes - Calligraphy 101 on MyBluprint

5.Calligraphy 101

✍ Take your calligraphy skills from amateur to pro. Learn the basics of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and phrases. You’ll walk away with the skills and confidence to make your own custom greeting cards and more!


Lettering Classes - Promo Image for Craft your own lettering style with Brittany Luiz on MyBluprint

6.Craft Your Own Lettering Style

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  • Write letters in four styles: script, serif, sans serif, and double-monoline.
  • Tweak letters by changing the shape and strokes and adding embellishments.
  • Use Brittany’s recommendations to pair complementary lettering styles together.
Lettering Classes - Taught by experts to level up your skills. Professional artists share their illustrating secrets


Hand Lettering Classes- With Mary Kate McDevitt - Click through to see 7 Online Classes To Take Your Lettering To THE Next Level

7.Hand Lettering Workshop – Illustration with Lettering

About This Class

Join Mary Kate McDevitt as she brings lettering to life with illustration. This 35-minute class explores using concepts to drive the style of your lettering and finding inspiration in reference materials. Focused on sketching, you’ll explore 3 different approaches:

  • illustrations alongside typography
  • letters taking the form of objects
  • subtle motifs throughout letterforms

By the end, you’ll create your own hand-lettered illustration inspired by your favourite animal. This class and project is perfect for beginners seeking a fun project as well as intermediate and advanced students looking to deep-dive into a sketching challenge.

I have taken one of Mary Kate’s classes before, and it was incredible. From retraining my handwriting in 2012 after an injury that damaged nerves in my neck, to being asked to contribute to a Lettering book in 2016!

The book is Creative Lettering For Kids and it’s available here:

Creative Lettering For Kids

Fantastic right? I’m serious when I tell you that I owe it all to learning my foundations through The First Steps Of Hand Lettering.



What was the last online class you took? Do you appreciate the art of hand lettering enough to take a class or do you use online tutorials only?

Please let me know in the comments below!

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Lettering Classes - creative lettering classes for intermediate hand letterers to level up their skills

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