7 Eye-Popping Handwriting Fonts To Use In Your Digital Designs



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Likely, you’re here to find the ideal handwriting fonts to use in your branding or in digital products that you sell. I’ve gone ahead and scoured my favourite platform for the most loved writing fonts, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.

These font styles are all available with a commercial license included (usually they cost a couple of hundred bucks); thankfully, it’s included with the standard pricing. A commercial use license means that you can sell products you make using this font.


7 Eye-Popping Handwriting Fonts To Use In Your Digital Designs

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Alternatively, you could be here because you need script fonts to use as inspiration to improve your handwriting style. Whether you’re here for business, personal use or brushing up on a skill, I think you’ll enjoy a few of the creations made using today’s featured fonts.


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The Wishful Handwritten Font

Handwriting Fonts - Wishful Font

This is a wonderfully whimsical fonts style that I adore. Using this type of writing font is great for products like greeting cards, on your packaging designs or even in your website branding. As soon as you get this font, you will be able to use it in any of your design programs immediately.


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MoonTime Font

Handwriting Fonts - Moontime

This modern calligraphy script font has been attentively created. The gentle curves to produce a font that is very distinctive and very feminine. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. Perfect for adding an elegant and unique touch to your lettering projects or branding.


The Silky Smooth Ultimate Bundle Of Fonts (Writing Style)

Silky smooth bundle

This Silky Smooth Bundle includes 8 smooth-edged letters in one handy bundle (heavily discounted). They’re all rather whimsical, thus making them perfect for children’s illustrations or even creating book covers for Children’s books etc.


The Utterly Delightful Font Pack

handwriting fonts - The utterly delightful font bundle

12 unique, hand-drawn typefaces packaged together for over 70% off their RRP + commercial license is amazing. I’m slightly addicted to downloading these, I have so many. They’re all so enjoyable to use in my apps and especially now that I use CreativeCloud, I can access all of my photoshop fonts on my iPad. The pack also includes doodles and catchwords shown in the previews.


Botanical Garden Font & Logo Pack

Botanical Garden Handwriting Fonts and Logo templates

A sweet textured handwritten font loaded with lots of extra botanical doodled elements great for creating logos, quotes, and floral compositions for anything really. This typeface would be rather breathtaking on wedding invitations. There are also 15 logo templates included and multilingual support.


Pinsetter – Three Five fun fonts

Pinsetter; Set of 5 handwriting fonts

A set of fun hand-lettered fonts that mix and match beautifully. Both the Littles and Middles alphabets can stand alone on their own, or they can mix together. The Talls are designed especially to cradle the Littles, so you can make fun combinations galore. For those who like to work within one font, using OpenType features, you’re covered — Pinsetter Complete contains all give alphabets.


Garlic Butter

Garlic butter - a fun handwriting font with alternative styles available

It’s smooth, it’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s mighty tasty: it’s Garlic Butter. A mixed-case font with lots of combination possibilities. The main file comes with the usual characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and tons of punctuation), as well as over 300 accented character styles and punctuation glyphs to support most Latin-based languages. Plus, it comes with over 150 ligatures and alternate letters.



If you’re in need of some free handwriting fonts, please check this post where I shared wonderful free handwritten fonts to help you improve your handwriting.

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