A Color Story: New Collection with Steffy

Happy Friday!! Steffy is one of our favorite creators, and we’ve heard such good feedback about her filter +pack, Harvest Moon, which is why we’re so happy to introduce the Steffy Collection today! We’ve teamed up with Steffy to curate a collection of her favorite filters, and by getting the Steffy Collection, you’ll save 33% on what these filter +packs would normally cost. Can we say, bonus?!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Steffy Collection without including Harvest Moon! We love her stunning filters that focus on warm tones and boosted oranges. We launched this filter +pack with Steffy in the fall, and we’ve been excited to see the Pumpkin Spice filter on your images year-round! That filter in particular turns blue skies into a really lovely, warm aqua.

We really admire Steffy’s friendship with fellow NY bloggers, and it’s so fun to see them featured in her collection. First up is Jag Lever!

Jag Lever’s been creating some amazing content lately with her outfit photos, and we love to see her filter +pack, Twilight, in action! Twilight features some edgier tones, as well as an overall less-saturated look. Maintaining contrast and challenging shadows, these filters mute color enough for mood while keeping the punch.

Noelle Downing is another inspiring creator, and we are all about the message that her feed and her filter +pack communicates. Each of the filter names in the I AM +pack are empowering mantras of characteristics we possess. I AM: Queen, Lush, Strong, Worthy, Enough, Abundant, Powerful, and Thriving. Wow!! The I AM filters are great for fashion and travel, but more than anything, drawing attention to what’s always been beautiful.

To round out the Steffy Collection, we have two effect +packs by Elsie! The photo above was edited with Glow, which features a versatile combination of light flares and subtle prisms. Created for lifestyle photography, these effects blend in and out of the photo without overtaking it.

And finally, we have Elsie’s Texture +pack! Inspired by old albums and worn, imperfect prints, this effect +pack adds subtle scuffs, scratches and light leaks. Love it!!

Thanks for letting us share about the Steffy Collection! It’s a great deal, and there are so many types of filters represented—we know that no matter your style, you’ll find some favorites here. 😍🧡

xo, Team ACS

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