A Room Refresh – Honestly WTF

A Room Refresh – Honestly WTF

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The days are long and the weeks are short. Does anyone else feel the same? With all this time spent at home, we’ve been tackling a long punch list of to-dos around the house. Over the past year, the guest room had become a holding ground for a bunch of miscellaneous items like souvenirs from my recent travels. Also, I’d occasionally pull some of my favorite accessories to loan to other rooms and sadly, they just never made their way back. Even though we’re not expecting guests anytime soon, it felt good to give this room some much needed TLC. I’m also not one to ever turn down the opportunity to play around with some colors and pattern!

First, the room needed a large piece of furniture, mostly for storage purposes. I love that despite its large size, the cane-paneled doors and light wash of this Pottery Barn armoire brighten up the room. I can also store all of my linen and textiles in it now! Next, was the bedding and pillows. St. Frank is always my go-to when it comes to pattern mixing. I love the brand’s ability to push the envelope and inspire me to take bold choices when it comes to combining art, textiles and objects. The key here was to pull colors from the existing wallpaper and bed frame – in this case, blue and orange. That’s obvious. Then, I chose pink as the unexpected but complimentary color. I feel like it softens the palette and prevents the room from feeling overly coordinated and matchy. It’s truly amazing to see how much a piece of furniture and a few throw pillows can completely transform a room, giving it an entirely new vibe. After all’s been said and done, this has become my favorite room in the house!

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