AGJ x HWTF: DIY Don’t Lose Your SH!T Keychain & Sunglass Chain

AGJ x HWTF: DIY Don’t Lose Your SH!T Keychain & Sunglass Chain

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One night late last summer, my friend Ariel of Ariel Gordon Jewelry and I were commiserating over the phone about the pandemic, parenting, the election . . .  the overall state of the world, to be honest. By the end of the conversation, and perhaps after a couple glasses of wine, we decided to join forces on DIY jewelry kits. Desperate for collaboration, pure delight and something to do with idle hands, we started brainstorming and meeting (masked) in each other’s backyards over the course of a few months to design three happy-inducing DIY kits. As Spring finally approaches, the timing couldn’t feel more right to launch our kits. We had so much fun creating them, Ariel and I hope you feel the same when making them.

The third of the three kits is 110% fun and inspired by our need to stay organized and to keep ourselves from loosing our keys, sunglasses, masks . . . and maybe most of all, our minds. It includes brass keychain hardware, eyeglass chain ends and a whole lotta amazing beads and pearls curated by Ariel and I! There are enough beads to make a keychain and a sunglass or eyeglass chain. Again, these are meant for you to get creative with . . . we give you permission to make whatever inspires you!

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