AGJ x HWTF: DIY Happy Daze Charm Bracelet

AGJ x HWTF: DIY Happy Daze Charm Bracelet

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One night late last summer, my friend Ariel of Ariel Gordon Jewelry and I were commiserating over the phone about the pandemic, parenting, the election . . .  the overall state of the world, to be honest. By the end of the conversation, and perhaps after a couple glasses of wine, we decided to join forces on DIY jewelry kits. Desperate for collaboration, pure delight and something to do with idle hands, we started brainstorming and meeting (masked) in each other’s backyards over the course of a few months to design three happy-inducing DIY kits. As Spring finally approaches, the timing couldn’t feel more right to launch our kits. We had so much fun creating them, Ariel and I hope you feel the same when making them.

The first of the three kits features a 14k charm and cord bracelet DIY. With each kit, you’ll receive one of 4 charms of your choice: a daisy smiley, peace sign, hamsa or heart. Each charm comes with 4 different colored cords so that you can customize the color and even switch them out if your heart so desires. The technique required is called a sliding knot and it’s applied in two different ways, depending on the type of charm used. It’s simple and if executed correctly, this bracelet will stand the test of time.

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