Alex Ubatuba’s Glass ‘Living Light Sculptures’

Alex Ubatuba’s Glass ‘Living Light Sculptures’

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Alex Ubatuba’s glass “Living Light Sculptures” series recalls both real-life bioluminescent organisms and otherworldly flora and fauna. The glass artist has been developing this specific set of works over the last few years. This surprisingly calming work has found its way at major shows and art fairs, Burning Man, and beyond.

“The process is dangerous, laborious, and extremely technical. Assembling boroscillicate glass on this scale can be unpredictable because of the lack of collective knowledge in these fields, a lot of the process is done with trial and error,” his project says. “Alex chooses to frost the finished pieces to enhance the glass’s amazing ability to diffuse light. The pieces are lit from within by LED lights that are programmable and have a wide spectrum of color palettes and patterns. Displays can be custom built to accommodate and accentuate any space.”

See more of these works below.

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