All Against The Virus: Brazil Designer Made A Boardgame About Quarantine

During the quarantine period, imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people are in their homes trying to make the best of time. Some are reading books, marathoning series, cooking, cleaning or having fun with video games and board games.

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However, no matter how much we look for something to distract and calm our anxiety, the “coronavirus” issue invariably invades our thoughts. That’s why Hand Made Design created an entertainment alternative, taking advantage of the very subject of the moment: the Board Game “Quarantine – All against the Virus”.

Since the subject is not going to come out of our heads for the next few days, we will take advantage of it and have fun with it, besides entertaining the children with a playful and educational activity.

The game is totally FREE and you can download it here.

After downloading the PDF file, you will need to print on A4 paper, cut and paste the pieces. In the PDF file you will also find the rules to play. We hope you enjoy it and pass it on. Good game. Everything will be fine!

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