In Amy Brener’s “Omni-Kit” sculpture series, everyday objects and imagery are reprocessed into totem-like sculptures that speak to ritual and memory. These works are highlighted in a new show at Jack Barrett Gallery titled “Consolarium,” a word the artist created for the place where these objects and figures across time collide into these single objects. Materials include urethane resin and foam, silicone, pigment, and more. The show runs through Dec. 20.

“Within Amy Brener’s sculptures, disparate matter is compressed and congealed to produce forms that are familiar yet strange, resembling otherworldly monuments, reliquaries, fountains, cakes and garments,” the gallery says. “Largely housed under the umbrella title ‘Omni-Kit,’ these works are containment units for stuff that is useful, but disposable and overlooked–spillage from a society steeped in consumerism. Miscellanea such as flossers, cocktail forks, auto fuses, vitamins and Q-tips are recontextualized inside of seemingly devotional frameworks, demanding reverence.”

See more on her site and the gallery’s page.

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