An Inexpensive And Insanely Easy Photo Frame Craft!

An Inexpensive And Insanely Easy Photo Frame Craft!

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An easy photo Frame craft

In need of vacation memory ideas? Today I want to share an easy photo frame craft that will be a lasting and memorable keepsake for your vacation memories! This is one of the sparkliest beach themed wall decor ideas you’re ever going to see.

Customizing a photo frame is a fantastic craft that allows your creative side to go wild, especially if there’s glitter involved. Not only do you have your one-of-a-kind photos to work with, but also you can decorate the frame with an unlimited array of embellishments to jazz them up. I love adding scrapbook embellishments to everything that I make! They always add visual interest, dimension and colour.

How To | An Easy Photo Frame Craft

The most important disclaimer of all time – PLEASE be careful with the glitter. I had been sprinkling the glitter and thought I had been SO careful and the next time I looked at my husband, he had Martha Stewart Turquoise glitter sparkling in his beard. He wasn’t even there at the time.

The BEST way to clean up glitter: Use one of these for easy clean up if you do happen to make a mess!


The Cutest Easy Photo Frame Craft

Yield: One Glitter Shell Photo Frame


  • Sheet Of Paper (to collect glitter)


Gather Your Supplies For This Easy Photo Frame Craft:

Supplies for an easy photo frame craft

How To Make Your DIY Glitter Photo Frame:

Clean your photo frame.

Paint an even base coat using a dauber sponge and allow to dry. Ensure that you’ve painted the sides and inner part of the frame.

Add an even layer of Bostik white glue all over the frame, including sides.

Sprinkle glitter evenly over the frame and get the Small Fuzzy Creative Director (her official title) of your home, to check your work. Thanks Poopers.

How To Stop Glitter Falling Off Crafts:

Apply one even coat of any clear spray paint to protect glitter and stop it from falling off your photo frame.

Grab your shell and apply a generous amount of Bostik white glue to the edges and base. Then apply to your photo frame and press firmly. Leave to dry so it doesn’t fall off.

Next, it’s time for embellishments! Grab your Bostik Glue Dots to adhere the embellishment to the front of the frame.

Now, I want to add a tiny banner in the corner and because of its size, it’s best to use the Bostik Microdots instead of the larger, thicker glue dots.

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Using Scrapbook Embellishments With Your Frame:

Embellishments can be attached using these Bostik glue dots. They are extremely strong and great for sticking any type of scrapbook embellishments to clean surfaces.

Tear off the size you need and place the embellishment on top of the glue dot. Apply it with a little pressure for a couple of seconds.


While you are trying to add the perfect touches to your photo frame, remember to use embellishments wisely. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that the vacation photograph is meant to be the main focus. Despite the fancy frame!  

Embellishments should only be used as an accent to compliment your photos. You do not want the embellishments to take centre stage or make your frame look too crowded.

Are you in need of some vacation memory ideas? These picture frame decorating craft ideas are fab for keeping your vacation memories on show! I love this easy photo frame craft as it's coated in my favorite shade of Martha Stewart Glitter! For even more easy craft ideas, be sure to check out the post and the Craft category. Nautical craft ideas and seashell crafts for adults are a go go with this seashell frame tutorial #easycraftideas #craftideas #crafts #vacation #travel
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