Are Pets Good for Your Health? 8 Undeniable Reasons You Need That Doggo!

Wondering “are pets good for your health” so you can get yourself a pet? The good news is, YES. And, there’s PLENTY of scientific evidence to back it up! Dogs provide a feeling of safety and help keep you active but dogs aren’t the only pets that are good for you.


“The bond that develops between a human and their pet can be just as strong as the bond between two people.”

Psychology Today


Are Pets Good for Your Health? 8 Undeniable Reasons You Need That Doggo!

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Or catto, or ratto.. whatever pet you like. However, the fluffy pets have extra benefits. Keep reading to find out why the fluffy pets can help you stay calm.


Are pets good for your health - little girl and dog


When it comes to the question ‘are pets good for your health?”, it’s not just your health that they’re good for. Got a shy child? There are many health benefits for kids:

  • A pet can be a great conversation starter between children.
  • It can boost a child’s self-esteem. 
  • Can offer that security we talked about earlier.
  • Pet ownership teaches about interaction, compassion and responsibility.
  • Pets can also help children cope with and overcome fears.



A fun way to show off your child’s pet is through a fab new service called Vector Pets. You can get a custom cartoon style poster image of your pet for about $12! I was a very shy child so my pets became everything to me, I would constantly draw them or take photos. In fact, I still do that. If you can’t draw cats and dogs though, getting a pet illustration is a great idea. 


Pets Can Keep You Active 



So, are pets good for your health? What do you think?

Dogs need regular exercise which is good news for humans too as they also need regular exercise. Having a dog forces you to get up, no matter how much you don’t want to. Which is great for you, even though it may not always feel that! 


If health prevents you from walking a dog, consider getting a cat instead. Cats can be very loveable and energetic. Unless your name is Poopers and you’re the Creative Director for Heart Handmade UK. Then she will bite you for looking at her. But she is an excellent company for this housebound lady.


Are pets good for your health - Poopers in the Craft Room


With a cat, you may not get as much exercise as you would with a dog, but you’ll get plenty of laughs, and laughter is also pretty great for your health.


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Still wondering ‘are pets good for your health?”

Here are the Health Benefits (Backed up by scientific studies)

Are pets good for your health - Squishy Faced Dog

People with pets tend to have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, a stronger immune system and better health in general. Pet owners who’ve suffered a major illness also tend to recuperate much faster than those without a pet.


Pets have even been shown to increase our immunity to general allergies, especially in children. People with pets also tend to be more positive and have less stress, helping them relax and having a better attitude. They’re better able to cope with anxiety and deal with stressful situations. The action of petting a dog or cat can relieve stress and lower blood pressure



Are pets good for your health - Goofy dog


If you’re considering letting a pet join your household, it’s proven that they can do a plethora of  positive things for your physical and mental health.

Pets also inject a lot of love and positive energy into a household but please ensure that you are in a position to take good care of them before you get one.

Perfect example; don’t get a dog if you work long shifts and live alone. Dogs thrive on company and companionship and they cry at the door all day until you return. Your neighbours may turn against you.

Let me know in the comments how you feel a pet could help you, or already does help you.


Are pets good for your health - gorgeous Dalmation dog


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