Inside: The best kids birthday party places!

Every kid wants their birthday party to be an extraordinary experience! One that’ll be more fun than they could possibly imagine and will leave their friends talking about how awesome it was for weeks. And let’s be honest, you don’t REALLY want 30 five-year-olds ransacking your house. 😉

Best Kids Birthday Places

The good news is, with these ideas we’re sharing on the best kid’s birthday party places, planning a party your child will love (no matter how old they are turning) is easy as cake.

The Best Kid's Birthday Party Places

I still remember my birthday party at the skating rink, who doesn’t?! And the one at the park was really sweet. Here are a couple of nostalgic ideas for your kid’s birthday party places that have held the test of time and are still as great as they once were.

The Best Kids Birthday Party Places

Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe: every kid can pick their favorite ice cream flavor to enjoy at the party and create their own custom bag of candy as a party favor!

Trampoline: Because they’ve gotta use up all the energy from their birthday cake sugar-high some way right?!

Bowling: Again this is one of the best kids birthday places for every age and kid. Everyone can have fun!

Arcade: Can anyone say tickets? Kids love earning those tickets, which is great that they get to have fun and play and win something fun to take home!

Aquarium: Another one of the best kids birthday places is the aquarium, it’s fun and interactive! And if we are lucky they can all learn a little something new!

Skating Rink: Ice or Roller these are the best for a themed party! I love a good 80’s roller skating party!

Pool: This could be right at home in your backyard, in the neighborhood pool, at a community center, or even your town’s best water park!

Kids Birthday Party Places

Paint Place: This is one of the best kids birthday places for all age and range of kids. The best part is that each kid has a fun project to take home!

Discovery Museum: This one’s a no-brainer. Packed with activities to entertain kids for days, the effort is minimal and the joy is maximal 😉

The best outdoor party ideas!

Zoo: An all-day adventure meeting favorite animals and sharing in the fun with all their friends?! I can’t think of a single kid that wouldn’t want to host a party like this!

Park: There is something so fun about a summer park party! It’s free and plenty of fun activities!

Community Garden: Let the kids get their hands dirty and learn all about gardening, planting, (and hopefully eating their fruits and vegetables!). They’ll enjoy a new experience and making a little mess while they’re at it.

Movie Theater or Drive-In Movies: This was personally one of my favorite places to party as a kid. I loved a great Drive-In movie. We would fill up the back of the car with blankets, pillows, and our favorite candy sweets! By far one of the best kids birthday party places!

Kids birthday place ideas

Craft Store: There are so many fun classes offered at the craft store, so let your little birthday decorator pick something they’d loved to make and invite all their friends to join!

Home Improvement Store: Classes can be taken here too. Birthday builders can create something out of nothing under the instruction of some super cool handymen & women and share in the fun with their pals. By far one of the best kid birthday party places for the boys!

Music Class: How fun would this be? I love this idea!

Dance Class: If you have yourself a dancing queen then this is the best kids birthday party place ever!

Martial Arts Class: I love birthday ideas that introduce new hobbies to the kids! Who knows it might become one of their favorite activities!

Gym: Lots of gyms have open space with activities for kids. This is the perfect facility for hosting an indoor party for your most active little superstar.

Fire station: What a great way to show the little ones about our local heroes! Most every fire station is equipped with fun and interactive activities for the kiddos!

Birthday ideas for older kids!

Mini Golf: This is a great party idea for the older kids! I love playing mini golf and so do the kids!

DIY Pizza Restaurant: Every kid (read: everyONE) likes pizza, so let’s make a party out of it! Lots of restaurants let kids choose their toppings, but I’ll bet if you rent a private room and call ahead, they might just let the kids in on the action too! Or, DIY it @ home and create a fun topping bar so everyone can decide exactly how they want their own mini pizza pie.

Laser Tag: I mean who doesn’t love a good game of laser tag?! This is great for your older kids to have fun and run off some of that energy!

Skating Rink: Ice or Roller these are the best for a themed party! I love a good 80’s roller skating party!

Aren’t these ideas so much stinkin’ fun?! We just know these kid’s birthday party places will make any child’s birthday party dreams come true. And they’ll have you to thank, the “cool parent” 😉

PS. Here are some fun birthday cake ideas, including these fizzy soda cupcakes, and this fun creme cake!

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