Bisque Painting With Manor House Hotel

Bisque Painting With Manor House Hotel

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Manor house hotel bisque pottery kitsAdvert. This year I feel like we’ve probably exhausted every way to keep the kids entertained that I ever thought possible so I was both relieved and excited when Manor House Hotel asked if we’d like to try out their bisque painting at home kids which give families a taste of the fun crafts that are available at their hotel.

My kids love a creative project but it can be hard when you can’t find all the materials that you need so these kits from Manor House Hotel were perfect as they included everything we needed. They’re perfect as a rainy day activity or when your kids need that bit of rest time or something new and fun to try out!

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What You’ll Find on This Page

About Manor House Hotel

Manor House Hotel is located in the foothills of Dartmoor with over 70 craft, leisure, spa and sport activities for you to try out. It’s near to where we live and is perfectly located for a trip out to Exeter or to Lydford Gorge but there’s soo much going on at the hotel for families that you might find you don’t want to leave at all!

Not only is the hotel full board, but all of the tuition for the craft classes is included in your price, meaning that you only need to pay for consumables (such as the bisque pottery itself) in 20 different classes and there’s hundreds of bisque to paint at your convenience.

Some of the craft workshops that Manor House Hotel run include card making, teddy creations and jewellery making as well as their brand new lino printing and glass fusion workshops. You can see all of the craft workshops that they offer here.

As well as crafting you’ll also find sporting and leisure activities for the whole family with play areas, a swimming pool with water slides and even a skating rink!

The hotel is also rated Covid Compliant by the AA and has put lots of measures in place to help you keep safe while you enjoy your break – you can find out more about these here.

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About The Bisque Painting Kits

We tried out two of the Manor At Home bisque painting kits which were sent to us in the post and my kids enjoyed carefully unwrapping the parcel to see what we would be making.

Each kit contains two bisque pottery models ready to paint – bisque pottery is that which has been fired once but not glazed and it’s really easy to paint on.

The kits also include acrylic paints, paintbrushes and a mixing tray for your paints.

The only things we needed to add was a pot of water for cleaning our paintbrushes and some kitchen roll for drying them.

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Our Creations

We had great fun painting our bisque pottery and they’re now on display in our home. I tried giving one a paint too although I’m not entirely convinced it’s instantly obvious which is mine and which were painted by the children!

The kits made getting creative really easy and it made a really nice change for us to know that we had everything we needed to hand without having to hunt down something on our next shopping trip, it’s definitely something we’d all try again!

Manor House Hotel

Find out more about the Manor House Hotel here including all of their family friendly activities.

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