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butterfly nature craft for kids

My daughter and I had so much fun last week making these sweet nature butterfly craft! It was a great excuse for us to spend some time together out in the garden looking at all the plants and deciding which were our favourites. We both made a butterfly craft and it was a really nice activity to spend some time together. Using things we found in our garden and our free butterfly template also mean that that was a really cheap activity too!

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What Plants and Flowers Can I Use for This Craft?

So obviously the most important thing here is that your child knows that they can only use the plants and flowers that they have permission to use, you neither want them picking something that’s potentially poisonous or your prize flowers that you’ve been spending hours tending to.

There are two ways to do this, the first is that you pick the natural materials yourself and lay out this activity for your child to decorate their butterfly.

You could easily do this as well without sticking anything onto the butterfly which gives them a bit more control on what they then want to do.

The other option, and my preferred one for our family, is to go round our garden together looking for things that we can use. My daughter knows that she is free pick daisies, dandelions and ivy in our garden but will generally double check before she picks anything else. We’ve had this conversation quite a few times with making flower potions!

butterfly nature craft activity for kids

What’s the Best Way To Stick Down The Flowers?

As you’ll see in the instructions below I’ve gone for double sided sellotape, it really is great for holding different shapes and textures in place.

However… of course the issue with that is it really does hold it! If you think your child might want to move things around then don’t use tape or only use it once they are sure they are happy with where they want their natural materials to go.

easy butterfly activity for kids

How Can I Make The Flowers Last?

As you’re using flowers and leaves from your garden this craft won’t last for that long, however if you’d like to make something that you can keep a little longer then you could make it using dried flowers instead, it will just need a little bit more planning ahead.

Butterfly Template

You can download our free butterfly template to use with this craft.

butterfly nature craft for kids

Butterfly Nature Craft

Create a simple butterfly craft using our free printable.


Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 Butterfly Template
  • Double Sided Sellotape
  • Leaves, flowers etc


  • Print off our free butterfly template.

  • Use double sided sellotape on the wings and body to make the surface of your butterfly sticky.

  • Look for flowers, leaves and grass to put on your butterfly and stick these in place. If you want to you can also use this as an excuse to discuss symmetry.


If you don’t wish to use tape with this activity then you don’t need to stick anything down, you can of course just place them on the template.

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Butterfly Crafts for Kids

These butterfly suncatchers will look amazing in any window.

This easy butterfly craft is one that I did with my daughter when she was a preschooler.


These butterfly number stones are good for number recognition or just if you need an excuse to make some painted rocks!

butterfly preschool activity

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