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Butterfly Suncatcher Craft – Crafts on Sea

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Easy butterfly suncatcher craftAdvert. I’m really excited to share this easy butterfly suncatcher craft with you that I made with my kids this weekend. I’ve been working with Scotch Wall-Safe Tape on a couple of projects and this is the first one that I’ll be sharing with you, it’s simple, pretty and most importantly my kids loved making them! They look amazing up in a window with the light shining in and are a really easy way that your kids can make a decoration to brighten up a room.

About Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that we make a lot of art around here, drawing, painting and crafting is normally my fall-back for an activity to do with the kids or for a bit of quiet time but that means that we also have a LOT of creations hanging around the house that my kids want to display. Scotch Wall-Safe Tape is designed to stick to walls for up to 30 days without leaving marks on your paint or plasterboard. So far we’ve tested it on painted plaster and windows and I’ve been able to move things around and take them down again without it leaving a trace, perfect for when we want to change things up a few days later! Scotch Wall-Safe Tape can be used safely on painted walls, wood, windows, stainless steel and mirrors.

Like our butterfly suncatcher craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later so you have all the details to hand when you need them!

butterfly craft for kids suncatchers

Butterfly Suncatcher Craft

We’ve made quite a few suncatchers in the past with our Autumn leaf ones being particularly popular, I suggested to my kids that we tried out something a bit more summery and we decided that butterflies would be perfect! To make these you will need

  • Scotch Wall-Safe Tape
  • Sticky back plastic / contact paper
  • Coloured cellophane
  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper or card

For this craft I would recommend doing a little bit of prep work – unsurprisingly sticky back plastic is really sticky so before I get the kids involved I always tape each of the four corners down so it doesn’t get stuck to them every time they touch it.

Cut out butterfly shapes from your coloured paper or card, depending on the age of your child (and of course what mood they’re in!) they may want to do this themselves or you might want to do it for them. We folded the card in half and then cut the shape of half a butterfly into it so that the butterflies would be symmetrical when we folded them back out again. When you are cutting out the middle part of the wings make sure you push the scissors through the card into some playdough. Place your butterfly shape onto your contact paper, sticking it down.

Next cut your coloured cellophane into pieces. My daughter in particular really enjoyed doing this cutting out larger and smaller pieces depending on how she wanted to decorate each butterfly, cellophane is really easy to cut too so it’s a good way for kids to practice their scissor skills.

Fill all the gaps in your butterflies wings until you are happy with them. Leaving gaps looks good as does layering up colours a bit too and it’s a good excuse to have a chat about colour mixing – if you layer blue and yellow together what colour will it make when the sun shines through it? It doesn’t matter if cellopane ends up all over the sheet as you’ll be removing the excess in the next step. I first started making suncatchers with my kids when my youngest was still a toddler and she would enjoy picking up pieces of cellophane and sprinkling them everywhere to see where they landed – the result was still always really pretty!

Once you’re happy with your design place another piece of sticky back plastic on the top so that all the cellophane is held in place and then cut your butterflies out, now all that’s left to do is tape them up so grab your Scotch Wall Safe Tape and pop them onto the window while you plan your next design to replace them with!scotch wall safe tape use on windows


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