Christmas Cards for Kids: Christmas Pudding

Christmas Cards for Kids: Christmas Pudding

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christmas cards kids can make christmas pudding designI really wanted to share some easy Christmas cards for kids to make and I’m really excited to be starting it off with this cute Christmas pudding card. Over the last week I’ve been sat down with my daughter brainstorming some ideas (ok, I came up with a load and then she added an absolute ton of cute ideas to my notebook) and we’re currently in a bit of a discussion about who’s idea this card was but either way it’s really sweet and easy to make too.

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Homemade Christmas cards are fun for kids to make and they’re lovely to send to friends and relatives too – I know that receiving a card like this from one of the younger relatives would really put a smile on my face and I’m sure that most people feel the same way.

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christmas pudding design for a christmas card for kids to make

To make this easy Christmas card you’ll need to start off with some brown cardstock, mine was part of a big pack of coloured card I bought in Lidl (if you ever see it, grab it, it’s brilliant) but you can also buy packs of card online which is great if you want to make these with a group – I’m hugely regretting that we can only make one at the moment! Fold your card in half to make the main shape of the Christmas card design.

Next you’ll need some cream or white coloured card to make the white sauce on top of your Christmas pudding. Ideally, square your card up onto the cream coloured card so that it will be flush against the edges and then cut down so that you will have three sides all flat against the edges of the card, however if you are making this card with younger kids then don’t worry too much about getting your card ‘Pinterest perfect’ – anything made with love is the best thing to receive after all. Once the three straight sides are cut, cut a wobbly line for the edge of the cream and stick the ‘cream’ onto the top of your card using glue.

Next cut out holly and holly berries from red and green card or paper. If this is too tricky for your child (particularly if you are making this with a younger child or preschooler) you might want to cut out the holly shape for them as it can be a bit tricky. Another alternative is to draw the holly on, I love these pens as they will normally show over any colour that I draw them on to.

Finally add your raisins onto the brown part of the card, I’ve again used these pens as they show really well on darker cards (felt tips sadly often don’t). If you don’t have chalk pens like these then a Sharpie might be a good alternative.

With that your card is done, all to decide now is who to send it to.

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