Christmas Cards For Kids: Penguin

Christmas Cards For Kids: Penguin

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Christmas Cards For Kids: Penguin sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

Christmas cards for kids easy penguin designI’m loving sharing these easy ideas for Christmas cards for kids at the moment and I hope that you’re enjoying them too. Penguins are probably my favourite animals so I had to make a simple penguin Christmas card to share. Of course, like the snowman Christmas card for kids that I shared the other day you don’t have to use this just as a Christmas card, it would be great as a thank you card or just as a fun little craft to make!

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Do your kids enjoy writing Christmas cards? I’m going to be honest and say that mine don’t, actually I don’t enjoy it either and tend to donate some money to charity instead. Making cards though? Well we all really enjoy that and it’s a fun idea to set up a little card making station on our table with all the things the kids will need to make a few different designs (so they don’t get bored of repeating the same thing!)

For us making cards works as a much more fun way than just writing out another card and allows for a bit of fun and creativity rather than something a bit suspiciously like writing lines at school.

And besides, handmade cards are a lit more fun to receive as well and are a bit of a keepsake – I used to love it when my mum saved the cards I’d made!

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it, plus keep reading for more easy Christmas crafts for kids to make.

Christmas cards for kids to make easy penguin craft using cupcake liners

To make this penguin Christmas card you will of course need to start with the card itself, you can buy packs of card with envelopes* of if you’re going to hand this to someone you can just fold a piece of coloured card in half. You could use white card for this craft but I think blue card* is better as it helps give more of a wintery feel to it.

Next grab your cupcake liners, you’ll need a white one* and a black one*. Place the black one onto your card but don’t glue it down yet, you just want to check out the position.

From orange cardstock* cut out two oval shapes to make the penguin’s feet. Glue these underneath the bottom of where your black cupcake liner is and then glue down your cupcaker liner too so it looks like the feet are sticking out from underneath.

Take your white cupcake liner and cut some of the paper away from the edge to make it smaller than the black one, I find it easier if I fold it in half before I cut it.

Glue the white cupcake liner on to the black one to make the penguin’s belly.

Cut out a triangle shape from your orange card and glue this on to make the penguin’s beak and then cut out two circles from scrap white paper or cardstock. Glue these on to make the penguin’s eyes and then draw in the black dots with a marker.

Ways to Adapt This Craft

  • Add some snow under your penguin’s feet or falling from the sky. You could use white paint, chalk pens or snowflake stickers.
  • Cut a coloured cupcake liner in half to make your penguin a little woolly hat – don’t forget to add a pom pom!

Penguin Christmas Card for Kids

An easy penguin craft for kids that makes a great Christmas card or thank you card.

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  • Place the black cupcake liner on the card to work out the penguins positioning.
  • Cut two ovals from orange cardstock and stick them onto the card to make the penguins feet. Glue down the black cupcake liner.
  • Trim the white cupcake liner to make it smaller and glue it on to make the penguin’s belly.
  • Cut out the penguins eyes and beak from card and glue these on, adding dots with the black marker to make the penguins eyes.

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