coffee talk: the process of remodeling

coffee talk: the process of remodeling

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In a comment in one of our previous addition updates, a sweet reader Kari raised a great question. She asked: 

These are some great questions. And it’s a little bit of a broad topic, depending on your situation. So this video is where we tried to cover quite a few angles. We hope our conversation here can help answer any questions that you may have if you’re leaning in a certain direction with your own remodel. Consider it like having coffee with two honest friends. The entire take-on of a remodel or addition is a bit of a process for sure, and each situation will be a little different. So it’s here that we try to address some of these very common concerns, while we also walk through a little bit of our process. Please pull up a chair and let’s get started with the conversation! We hope this helps you and your process. 

Click through to the video if it’s not loading here, this one is a bit longer due to the subject matter, and may be best saved for later over a good cup of coffee… ;}

If you have any questions that we may not have addressed, or something was clear as mud, please tell us your thoughts below! We will do our very best to answer those there. Thanks so much and have an inspired day!

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