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Known for her dreamlike and vivid photography and illustrations under her alias Surudenise, illustrator and photographer Denise Rashidi has released her first book, billed as both colouring book and ‘travel adventure.’

Daydreaming in Japan utilises Denise’s calming and detailed illustrations depicting famous sights as well as the hidden backstreets of Japan, all spread out over 24 single-sided colouring pages.

Being born and raised in Germany, Denise has always been surrounded by different cultures due to her mixed heritage and constant travels between families. It wasn’t until her first trip to Japan that she discovered her love for architectural designs, nature and nostalgic pastel colours, which eventually led her to take her travel experiences and translate them into her own signature style. 

Daydreaming in Japan
was lovingly made over the course of two years and marks the first entry of a series which combines travelling and colouring, centering around the theme of Fernweh (n., German, a longing for distant places), wanderlust and nostalgia.

With this book, Denise hopes to fill a void in the adult colouring book world by sharing all the beautiful places she fell in love with on her travels. All it needs is a set of colouring pencils that can recreate the trademark ‘neon pastel’ of her pieces like the ones below, more of which you can see on her website here.

Daydreaming in Japan by Denise Rashidi is out now and can be found on Amazon.

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