Colour Mixing Activity for St Patricks Day

Colour Mixing Activity for St Patricks Day

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Colour Mixing Activity for St Patricks DayColour Mixing Activity for St Patricks Day

This easy colour mixing activity for St Patrick’s Day has lots going for it – it’s easy to set up, you can use it as sensory play for younger kids or as a way to teach colours to preschoolers and toddlers or you can look at mark making or letter formation with older kids. Plus it’s mess free – that’s got to be a good thing too!

st patricks day activity colour mixing

Colour Mixing Activity Materials

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Plastic ziplock bag


Black pen

Yellow paint

Blue paint

Sellotape – optional

If you like this activity make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later so you don’t forget about it. Plus keep reading for St Patrick’s Day books for kids and more St Patrick’s Day crafts and activities as well as this tutorial.

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Let’s make it

I’ve been trying to cut down on my use of plastic recently but we were given some things in ziplock bags so I thought I might as well try and get a second use out of them! The shamrock shape was drawn on with a Chalkola pen although I’ve made similar using Sharpie pens previously. Normal felt tip pens tend not to show very well on materials like this although of course you are welcome to try!

how to make a squish bag colour mixing

Next is do add a bit of blue and yellow paint, I found that you will need a bit more yellow than blue for this.

colour mixing squish bag st patricks day

Once you have added your paint make sure that you close the bag! For younger kids you may find that you wish to sellotape the bag closed additionally. My daughter who is four played with this and was fine just being told not to open it but I’m not sure she would always be able to resist opening it for a play!

Mix the two colours together until your shamrock turns green.  As well as teaching about colour mixing using a squish bag like this can be a good way to practice mark making or letter formation – how about a letter S for shamrock?

st patricks day mark making literacy practice

St Patrick’s Day Books for Kids

St Patrick’s Day is a great time for fun celebrations with the kids, why not continue their interest in the celebrations by sharing a story with your children?

St Patrick’s Day Activities and Crafts for Kids

Make a simple foil painted shamrock with your kids.

foil-painted-shamrock 300

Or how about this leprechaun craft made with a doily!

doily leprechaun craft square 300

Finally for tons of simple ideas check out our round up of St Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers.

st patricks day activities for toddlers square 300

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