Cotton Bud Painted Snowman Craft (FREE Template)

snowman craft for kids cotton buds q-tips

This cute painted snowman craft for kids uses our free template and materials you’re likely to have at home already for a fun activity that’s perfect for winter or Christmas.

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Cotton Bud Painted Snowman

Cotton buds are one of those things that I tend to have knocking around in the back of a cupboard but don’t really use.

Which makes them a great thing to craft with!

Because none of us like waste, right? If you do need to buy some though they’re pretty cheap. Which means they’re perfect if you want to do an activity with a large group.

Cotton buds are also known as Q-tips in the US.

They’re also great to paint with because if your painting does go outside the template (which depending on the age of your child could be quite likely) then it really doesn’t matter at all.

Some extra circles and dots of paint? That’s just more snow falling.

Got a big line of white paint (it happens.) Well that’s just some snow falling super quickly. It’s all fine.

painted snowman craft for kids with a free printable

Free Snowman Template

Want to make this craft super easy to prepare? Grab our free snowman template and check out our other ideas for simple snowman crafts you can make with it.

snowman craft for kids cotton buds q-tips

Cotton Bud Printed Snowman Craft

Grab our free printable and paint this easy snowman craft using cotton buds.


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • Reusable plate

  • Black pen

  • Scissors

  • White paint

  • Glue


  • Cotton Bud (Q-tip)
  • Coloured card for scarf and nose


  • Print out your snowman template.

  • Colour in your snowman’s hat. I’ve used a black pen but you can go with whatever colour and design you fancy.

  • Pour some white paint onto your plate.

  • Dip your cotton bud into your paint and colour in the snowman using dots made by this.

  • Once the paint is dry you can add some details to your snowman. Using a black pen draw in your snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons. I’d recommend a Sharpie for this as it draws well over paint but as they’re permanent I know they’re not always the best choice with young kids in which case a chalk pen normally works as well and is less likely to stain.

  • Cut a triangle out of orange card or paper and a scarf shape from coloured card and glue these on to your snowman to finish your craft.


I’ve used paint on a reusable plate as this makes it easier to access and dip your cotton bud in.
You could also do more dots around your snowman to show more snow falling from the sky.
Tried this?Mention @craftsonsea – we’d love to see and maybe share it!

More Snowman Crafts for Kids

We love snowman crafts and over the years we’ve shared tons of ideas with parents and teachers. I’ve loved seeing the ones shared with us! These are a few of our most popular ideas.

This pop pom printed snowman is so easy to make and looks great with it’s squishy textured paint.

easy snowman craft

My daughter enjoyed making this mosaic snowman craft and it’s a great way to practice scissor skills too.

mosaic snowman

This paper plate snowman twirler is fun to play with or makes a great decoration to hang up.

paper plate snowman 300

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