Currently Crushing On: Denim (Yes, Really)

When Zappos asked me if I would share of my favorite new denim looks, I immediately thought “Denim?! What’s that?” It had been nearly 8 weeks since I had slipped on a pair of jeans. Leggings and sweats had become the standard for comfort and my lackadaisical go-to since we started sheltering at home. But eager for change and much-needed amusement, the kids and I tried some denim and guess what . . . we had a blast! Turns out, wearing denim after such a long hiatus wasn’t nearly as dreadful as I thought it would be. In fact, since then I’ve been living in two unexpected favorites: Madewell’s Rigid (gasp) Mom Jeans and Perfect Vintage in White (double gasp). They’re both insanely comfortable and pass the I-can-sit-cross-legged-on-the-floor-with-my-kids test with flying colors! Also, don’t sleep on Current/Elliott’s High Waist Stiletto in Black. Its magic powers suck everything in for you. Another must have is Madewell’s Oversized Denim Jacket – I bought a second just to DIY on, it’s honestly that good. Thank you, Zappos for inspiring us to get dressed. It feels damn good.

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