Custom Embroidered Pet Portraits on Clothing and as Patches

Custom cat embroideries on a collar lapel

This article is brought to you by Brown Paper Stitch, my business that makes your wardrobe pawesome by embroidering your pets on clothing.

(Well, I didn’t mean to take a month-and-a-half long break from writ­ing here, but some­times it happens.)

I’ve been busy these past six weeks. One of the things I’ve been doing is stitch­ing pet por­traits! Patch­es have proved super pop­u­lar this year (already), and I’ve stitched a lot of dogs as well as a few cats. Fur­ry friends are def­i­nite­ly my spe­cial­ty, but they aren’t all I do—I’m work­ing on a rep­tile right now.

Here are some of the embroi­deries I com­plet­ed on my hia­tus. Many of these were a chal­lenge. I am always try­ing to per­fect my col­or choic­es (so that they match my sketch), and on a few of these embroi­deries, it took sev­er­al tries to get the hues just right. I was sec­ond-guess­ing a lot of my choic­es which nev­er feels good. But ulti­mate­ly, I got to a place where I am hap­py and proud of all of these portraits.

I try to nev­er get too down on myself and look at every set­back as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn. And I think hav­ing to redo stitch­es over (and over) forced me to imple­ment strate­gies that I would­n’t have otherwise.

I’ve put my Etsy shop on vaca­tion mode but now that I’m near­ly caught up, I’m going to reopen it. Fol­low me on Insta­gram to know when that hap­pens. I’ll also announce it on here, of course!

Custom embroidered cat patches to go on the collar of a shirt

Custom dog embroidery on a jacket collar and scarf

Custom embroidery of dogs

Custom dog portrait patch embroideries

Custom pug portrait embroidery

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