Cute Doily Sun Craft for Kids

Cute Doily Sun Craft for Kids

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sun craft for kids doilyIsn’t this just the cutest sun craft for kids? Perfect as a spring or summer craft, studying about the weather or just because, hey, cute things are nice. This craft uses cheap craft supplies and can be used as a good way to practice scissor skills too.

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Sun Crafts for Kids

I think that sun crafts are the perfect way to cheer yourself up. Yes, they’re great for learning about seasons and the solar system but fundamentally I think they’re also a good way to put a smile on your face, most of us look forward to having a bit more sunshine in our lives and I know that my kids are the same especially after a cold winter or wet spring. You’ll find more summer crafts for kids at the end of this post including a very sweet sun craft that was made by my children together.

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Doily Craft Ideas

I’ve shared a few doily craft ideas as I love the fact that they look so pretty and they’re so cheap to make too, my daughter is a big fan of them and I must admit that as a kid I was a fan of doilies too as they look so delicate and pretty. Of course delicate and pretty aren’t always two words that you think of first when you’re crafting with kids so if you’re worried that a big paintbrush and paints might lead to your doily getting ripped then just swap it in for something else like a paper plate or paper bowl, I’m sure your craft will look just as cute! (I actually kinda love paper bowl crafts too for their 3D effect.) If you’d like to see some more of our doily craft ideas then do check out this doily chick here and this doily rabbit craft.

For painting on the doily I’ve gone with watercolour paints rather than the normal pre-mixed ones we use these aren’t expensive ones but rather a cheap kids paint palate I grabbed  a while ago that you just need to add some water too. Obviously if you do use this be wary of how much water you add as this is what can make the doily flimsier.

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Doily Sun Craft for Kids

Make a cute sun craft for kids using a doily


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 Doily
  • Card Pink, black and yellow


  • To make your doily sun start by painting your doily yellow. Of course you can buy yellow ones to start with but the paints I’ve used here dried really quickly. Rather than using normal kids poster paints I’ve gone for the super cheap kids watercolours you can normally pick up for a pound and you can change the shade of your sun from pale to bright depending on how much paint you use.

  • Next up cut out some strips of yellow card and once your doily is dry stick these around the edges of the sun to make it’s rays.

  • Once that’s done cut out eyes and a mouth from black card and some cheeks from pink card and stick those on too. Of course your sun doesn’t need little pink cheeks but I think it looks a lot cuter for having them!


If you haven’t got any doilies or if you’re worried that your child might tear them (they can be a bit flimsy) then simply swap this for a paper plate. If you’re really stuck for materials then even a circle cut out from an old cereal packet would do!

More Summer Crafts for Kids

This super sweet paper plate sun was a joint project between my kids and is one of my favourites that we’ve done.

handprint sun craft 300

These butterfly suncatchers are really bright and make a great way to brighten up a window.

Make a nature inspired tree craft using materials from your garden and our free tree template.

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