Daily Horoscope: December 13, 2020

Daily Horoscope: December 13, 2020

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Communication planet Mercury is all about being clear and concise! But as it clashes with hazy, dreamy Neptune at 6:39 AM, communication gets muddy and we might feel like we’re in a fog! Things are confusing at this time, so save important conversations for another day. Spend time in meditation and catch up on rest. Binge your favorite fantasy series, and avoid media or people who make you feel paranoid.

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Mercury is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, helping you look at the big picture, but things feel confusing today as Mercury clashes with Neptune. Make time to rest! Being exhausted won’t help you make great decisions.


Communication planet Mercury has found you organizing paperwork concerning cash, taxes, debts, and shared resources, but Mercury clashes with Neptune today, which may find you feeling more confused than ever. Slow down, take a break, and return to your business later after you’ve been refreshed.


Your ruling planet Mercury is in your opposite sign Sagittarius, helping you understand things from your partner’s point of view. But Mercury clashes with Neptune today, so things might get confusing. Slow down, and make big decisions another day.


Chatty Mercury in busy Sagittarius has found you organizing all kinds of paperwork and tackling your to-do list, but Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune today, and your schedule gets turned upside down.


Chatty Mercury in fire sign Sagittarius has found you so flirtatious lately! But things get confusing and complicated as it clashes with hazy Neptune today, so slow down or take a nap. Things will clear up soon, but a pause is necessary.


You’ve been thinking a lot about your living situation and may also have been dealing with paperwork concerning your home, but today it’s time to take a break as your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Neptune. You may be feeling confused, so slow down and get some rest.


Chatty Mercury has found you feeling especially social lately, but today your schedule is turned upside down as Mercury clashes with Neptune. Watch out for miscommunications. Spend time in meditation.


Lots of conversations about money have been taking place, but some confusion arrives today as Mercury clashes with Neptune. Slow down and rest.


You’ve been in an expressive mood as Mercury moves through your sign, but Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune today, inspiring an introspective atmosphere and bringing confusion. Catch up on rest.


Detail-oriented Mercury clashes with the planet of illusions Neptune today, making for a tricky moment around communication. Take a step back from your busy life and get some rest. Make time to reconnect with your inner voice.


Chatty Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune, possibly creating some confusion in your social life. Take it slow. Don’t believe everything you hear, and think twice about what you want to communicate.


Messenger planet Mercury gets lost in Neptune’s fog today, making for miscommunications and a sleepy atmosphere. Be mindful of exaggerations. Things will clear up soon. For now, rest!

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