Daily Horoscope: October 12, 2020

Daily Horoscope: October 12, 2020

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Two heavy, spiritual planets, Jupiter and Neptune, align at 3:11 AM, creating a mystical atmosphere. These planets are associated with the ocean, and ask us to consider our own vastness. It’s a wonderful time to be generous and of service to others. The moon in Leo connects with the sun at 7:09 AM and Mars retrograde at 10:30 AM, bringing a boost in confidence. Mercury connects with Venus at 12:38 PM, inspiring an easygoing, sweet, and social atmosphere.

All times ET.

It’s a powerful day to lean into your spiritual practice as Jupiter and Neptune align. Your intuitive abilities are deepening. The moon in Leo brings creative inspiration and finds you and your lovers connecting on a deep level about your desires. Mercury connects with Venus, inspiring a helpful atmosphere.

You’re connecting with inspiring people today as Jupiter aligns with Neptune. Big ideas are born. The moon in Leo illuminates the home and family sector of your chart, putting you in a nostalgic mood. Your ruling planet Venus mingles with Mercury, making for a flirty atmosphere.

It’s a powerful moment in your career as Jupiter and Neptune align: Your creative output is high and people are inspired to invest in your work. The moon in Leo encourages open communication today. Your ruling planet Mercury mingles with sweet Venus, inspiring an easygoing energy.

Philosophical Jupiter mingles with mystical Neptune, finding you and your partners having big conversations about purpose and potential! The moon in Leo lights up the sector of your chart that rules cash, finding you reflecting on how you can build wealth. Mercury connects with Venus, bringing a flirty energy.

Today’s alignment between Jupiter and Neptune creates a hugely helpful atmosphere for smoothing over whatever needs some love in your life. The moon is in your sign, too, finding you connecting with your heart’s desires. There’s a cozy vibe at home as Mercury connects with Venus.

It’s a powerful day in your relationships as Jupiter and Neptune align: You’re connecting on a deeply creative, mystical level, discussing your hopes and dreams. It’s a playfully romantic day as Venus connects with Mercury, but the moon in Leo asks you to catch up on rest, too.

Help is coming your to your living situation and daily routine (including your day job) as Jupiter connects with Neptune. The moon in Leo creates an exciting atmosphere in your social life, too. Your ruling planet Venus connects with Mercury, which bodes well for your finances.

Meaningful, inspiring conversations take place today as Jupiter and Neptune align. You’re gaining a better understanding of everything. Connection and creativity flow. The moon in Leo brings your attention in your career, and Venus mingles with Mercury, making for a fun day in your social life.

Your ruling planet Jupiter aligns with Neptune, creating an emotionally healing atmosphere as you release the past and invite more security and freedom into your life. The moon is in fellow fire sign Leo, bringing inspiring new opportunities. Good vibes flow in your career as Venus connects with Mercury; you’re easily intuiting what the public wants.

Expansive Jupiter connects with mystical Neptune, bringing a boost in your intuitive abilities, and finding you having inspiring conversations! Easy energy flows in your social life as Venus connects with Mercury. The moon in Leo also finds you contemplating closure and release.

Jupiter and Neptune align, bringing a big boost in creativity and imagination. It’s a powerful time to make your dreams come true. Venus connects with Mercury, and people are inspired to help you. The moon is in your opposite sign Leo, encouraging you and your partners to connect.

Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, align today, making for a whimsical atmosphere! It’s a powerful day to meet new people. Easy energy flows around communication in your partnerships as Venus connects with Mercury. The moon is in Leo, encouraging you to reflect on your daily routine and how you can get more organized.

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