dark and dated to light and bright kitchen

dark and dated to light and bright kitchen

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I think that one of our very favorite things to do, is take simple changes to make a big impact in a space.

We loved being a part of a wonderful collab to take this kitchen from dark and dated to light and bright, and the way it all turned out!

It’s so awesome to us, how far a little paint and tile and new countertops + lights can go. 

It doesn’t always have to be a big gut-out to make a huge change!

This project was another really fun project with the fabulous David Banker of Principle Home Services, and we were thrilled to be the design team to guide the process.

We have to say, these before and afters were are oh so fun. 

One of the smallest changes that made a big impact is replacing the hood to give the kitchen more of an updated feel. The microwave now resides in the pantry and it’s perfect for their family. We loved designing a new shape for them, so it’s seamless and up to date. It’s amazing to us how much the space is opened up without the looming microwave. 

The fabulous backsplash tile is from the awesome Jeffrey Court.  

We love the splash of gray behind those white cabinets!

We adored working with some of our sweet client’s personal touches, in combining antique pieces handed down from her family, with the new.

One example of these are some of these awesome glasses from her grandmother. They complement the cutest bar area in their kitchen. 

In the kitchen layout before, it had two large and in charge support columns that were visually intrusive. 

They made sitting at the island awkward, and really negated that whole open space feel. Apparently the previous owners took on a little renovation work of their own, and this is what our clients were left to work with. 

So they opted to remove one of the support columns and in turn, lighten and brighten the space. 

This area was a little tricky, because we simplified the countertops, but then also wanted to bring in some more lighting to their kitchen. The island itself was asymmetrical, but the lights really helped anchor the space again, as well as bring in a ton of character. The trick, was in the positioning. The fabulous lights, as always, are from Kichler. We love the fresh, funky vibe and balance they bring to the space.

Our clients decided to go with a fabulous leathered granite for their new countertops.

We love the unique look, and she loves the low maintenance take on it all with such a beautiful addition.

Buhbye, builder’s grade!

Their awesome hardware is from D. Lawless – our fave go to for all things cabinetry and furniture hardware.

They come in multiple sizes and we love what they did for their kitchen!

I didn’t really get a fantastic before, but this is a great example of those imposing columns in the kitchen from a video shot that I took, before we began. 

We love how bright and easy everything feels now!

The existing column has more built-in character now, and also a slimmer build. This is a nice change from the slabs of drywall a-la the before. The chunkiness was actually unnecessary to the function, so we love that the homeowners chose to make great design choices with good trim. 

My favorite part, at the very end, is always the styling. It’s where we get to bring the space to life and polish it off at the end. So a little color on a summer tablescape never hurt anyone. ;}

Vibes of blue and green in little ways do so much for their space.  

And the herringbone combo with the 1/3 brick subway pattern is on par for sure. 

It’s amazing how different everything can look. 

Not only did they do fun pendant lights from Kichler, but under cabinet lighting as well. We’ve installed this in quite a few kitchens now, and can’t recommend it more. It does so much for the space – especially at night with all things lighting and entertaining!

We adore how opening up this bar has made so much more room for more sitting space and entertaining! 

Such a great little changeover. 

Another one of her grandmother’s pieces… the old china cabinet is now  repurposed into a hutch that she uses every day. We love things with sweet meaning and a history behind them. 

It’s bright colors and easy finishes to lighten and brighten the space, for sure. 

Our clients love the great outcome!

Total side note. Also, what is it with me and da furbabies? I walk into someone’s house and get distracted by all pupsters.

This ‘lil punkin was more than happy to pose for the camera. She’s a natural. 

I mean seriously, that face. 

Thanks so much for dropping by today, for this little before and after. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions. 

What’s your favorite change about the space?

We’d love to hear!

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