December Portfolio Inspiration with Semplice

Hi, I’m Tobias, a German designer living in New York. I’m the author of this blog post, nice to meet you!

We’re teaming up with Semplice, a portfolio tool by designers for designers, to share inspiring design portfolios each month.

Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from designers, artists, illustrators, studios and more – all custom designed using Semplice.

Theo + Theo

Home-page of the Theo + Theo website

Theo + Theo designs brands, products and services that make a social impact. Their site feels solid and confident, with smart typography choices and elegant loading animations.

Details of the Theo + Theo website

Jon Jacobsen

Jon Jacobsen website

Jon Jacobsen’s work combines the real and surreal, in which bodies writhe, shapes twists and light refracts for a beautiful and eerie experience. His homepage leads with a video slider, followed by animated thumbnail hovers that tease the work inside.

Jon Jacobsen website

Gera Frascaroli

Gera Frascaroli website

Gera Frascaroli’s portfolio is clean and minimal, focused entirely on the work. With a stark black and white theme, his polished projects for Nike, Oreo and Samsung pack even more of a punch.

Gera Frascaroli website

Eunice Joung

Eunice Joung website

Eunice’s projects float within the cosmic backdrop of her portfolio. In contrast with her dark homepage, she shares bright studies within, using subtle hover effects and GIFs to tell her project stories.


Designunit website

Designunit is a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Denmark. They use the Semplice categories feature to curate individual portfolio pages that showcase their work across editorial, branding, digital and art direction.

Designunit website

For more portfolio inspiration, browse the handpicked Semplice Showcase. We’ll return next month with more portfolios built with pride. 

This post was originally posted at and republished here per request of Tobias and the amazing work they do with Semplice!

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