DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder – Crafts on Sea

DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder – Crafts on Sea

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unicorn pencil pot craft for kids

I love this unicorn pencil holder and my kids did too – as soon as they saw this they had to make their own, in fact my daughter has made several versions now! This easy unicorn craft is perfect as a cheerful craft to keep the kids busy or as a back to school craft. As a kid I always loved the back to school period as I was a huge stationary fan and what could be better than a cute unicorn pencil pot ready to store all the pens and pencils to do your work with?! DIY pencil pots are really easy to make and as you’ll see in the video below you really can make them in minutes, plus this easy craft for kids is really easy to adapt so you can personalise your unicorn pencil holder and make it just the way you want it and all the more magical!

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If you’d like to make this sweet unicorn craft with your kids make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it. You can see how to make it in the video below or keep reading for the full written instructions and materials list as well as some of our other favourite cute crafts.

To make this DIY unicorn pencil holder you will need:

Clean tin can

White paper

Coloured paper

Gold card or glitter card


Glue dots

Black pen


unicorn craft for kids pencil pot


Let’s make it!

Start by cutting a piece of white paper to the right width and length to fit around your tin can, I did this by holding the paper to where I wanted it to fit on my can and checking the width that way. You could do your drawings on the paper before you tape it onto your tin can but I found it easier to selotape the paper around the can first and then draw as (as daft as this might sound) I think doing the positioning for the unicorns face can be a bit tricky so this helps to work out where you want to put each feature.

Next up cut out a horn from gold, yellow or glitter card and some flower shapes from card or construction paper. You could also use flower stickers for this instead. Stick these onto your pen pot using glue dots  or double sided selotape – these will hold your card and paper in place much better than normal PVA glue or glue sticks as you’re working on a curved surface.

unicorn pencil holder


Finally draw on your unicorns ears and eyes using a black pen – don’t forget to add eyelashes – and your unicorn pencil holder is done and ready to be filled!

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princess-craft-for-kids 300

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