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Original image © Japan Post Co., Ltd.

A new set celebrates 50 years of the cuddly blue manga toon.

To cheer up everyone upset over the Tokyo Olympics postponement we present something else eagerly awaited and Japanese: limited edition stamps devoted to everyone’s favourite manga kids hero.

First announced in 2016, this year will finally see two Doraemon stamp sets from Japan Post, as celebrating a half century of Fujiko Fujio’s beloved creation.

The first batch are in a vintage style, featuring the cuddly blue toon and his best friend Nobita (below), whilst another collection show a solo Doraemon travelling around Japan. 

Each of the 20 pieces were illustrated by mangaka Mugiwara Shintaro, the artist behind 2000’s baseball themed spin-off comic Dorabase.

Stick the stamps in your pouch when they’re released this May 20th; of course this will be in Japan only.

All images © Japan Post Co., Ltd.

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